: etanol blend, what does it do to the n?

roger greeb
06-03-08, 02:02 PM
here goes..had the overheatin prob. then a miss. temp repair on the overheat. the miss stayed..but it was a strange miss in that it acted like a fuel delivery problem. computer says miss in cyl 2 , new plug and wire..still missed..then threw in a can of b g tk44 WOW miss almost disappeared..but it was still there at low idle and underload..i had been using 10%blend ethanol super. so i filled a tankfull of phillips no blend...what a difference..ran it rite to empty. so i filled it again my second tank and have added injecter cleaner to both..when the car is full of gas it barely misses but the check engine lite blinks at load when climbing a grade and when i release the throttle..showing missfire..it is slight..but it is there..when tank is less than 1/2 full as now, the missfire is more dominant..somedays..the car doesnt miss a beat..runs like a top..computer STILL reads only problem is missfire cyl 2. what does the ethanol do? it is a lower temp burner i know..but does it gum up the injecters badly? does anyone have an idea short of replacing the injecter..i am pretty positive that is the culprit..will a few more tankfuls of "real fuel" make a real difference?

06-03-08, 02:10 PM
What kind of car ???

E10 doesn't gum up anything - quite the opposite because ethanol is very solvent. I'm forced to run E10 in Maryland, and have fooled around with brands and blends on Florida trips, and no difference, and I'm a data log freak (Navy, you know.......)

If whatever car you're driving is telling you "misfire cyl 2", that's where to look, not the gas tank.

www.rockauto.com has Cadillac rebuilt injectors for around $27, I think.........

roger greeb
06-03-08, 02:21 PM
sorry seville sls..i checked rock and it was slightly higer than that...but i didnt want to get into the core charge and crap like that...i read all these threads from dudes seem to have the same type problems..but i have this sneaky feeling the ethanol is the culprit..i read also on here that too much injecter cleaner is bad...i get confused as many techs dont agree with that...i do know my owners manuel says DONT USE ETHANOL period...so with a 10% blend what does it do? and specifically to the injector..does it destroy the o ring? i also have experienced a 2mpg diff. to the good..as of last nite. started at 1.2 better...

06-03-08, 02:58 PM
What model year ??? Are you sure about the manual and 10% ethanol ? Or does it say not to run on E85, alternative fuel ?

E10 was/is the total replacement for the MTBE oxygenator which was leaking into wells and groundwater.............and E10 is not classified as "alternative fuel". A very, very large percentage of lower 48 U.S. urban/suburban automobiles, regardless of age, are now running E10.

06-03-08, 02:58 PM
Roger, suggest adding the year and model of your ride to your "User CP" profile. It really helps those who want to help. A 10% blend should not effect performance. As Sub has suggested, it's telling you cyl. 2. Look there. As far as the fuel you're using, when things go bad on a low tank it could suggest bad fuel - H2O. Stick to a station that sells volume, best change of always getting fresh fuel. K_C

06-03-08, 05:10 PM
Like Sub, I am forced to run 10% ethanol and have never had a performance problem. That is NOT the cause of your mis. Read your owners manual again, closely. I am sure you misread something.

roger greeb
06-04-08, 12:33 PM
97 sls ...my mpg increased again by a couple tenths and i only drive in town..no highway...i read the manual NO ETHANOL further states simplified..that eblends can cause poor gas mileage and engine performance...i know im a believer in no ethanol..i hear what u all say..but men i been around a long long time..the actual question was what will e do to the n. no one has seemed to touch that subject but to tell me my miss is something else..guys all firing and electrical has been done..and it isnt a type of miss that is elec. the delay at full throttle from dead stop, etc. all point to fuel or its mixture ..and i dont get codes from ANY readers except each one detects miss in cyl 2. other case in point my brother drives a dodge daytona 5.7 hemi pu which he was bying reg eblend. he changed to "reg petro" 3 weeks back and the performance was VERY noticeable and his headsup shows a THREE mpg better....i aint rocket scientist like some of ya...blue collar old school..but something aint rite...thanks again dudes

06-04-08, 03:34 PM
Service cyl2 injector.

Lot's of discussion on this site re: E10, E85, Top Tier Fuel, Octane, MPG - you name it. Many good things have been said, but that doesn't mean we all need to agree.

Spend time searching around and see what's been said. No one doubts your experience re: fuel. Personally, if I could I would run nothing but a Top Tier Fuel. Problem is here in the NE it's hard to come by. Ran down south with it and my MPG was never so good. Actually hit 30MPG in Miss.

BTW what was your overheating problem? How'd you solve that.

Right now you have a cly2 misfire. It's most likely fuel delivery related so focus on that. Injector most likely, no? Keep us posted. K_C

06-04-08, 04:17 PM
To answer your question, an ethanol blend will do nothing to the Northstar. Pure ethanol would be an entirely different matter, if that is what you are asking. Everyone I have ever had (Northstar or otherwise) always said up to 15% is OK.

06-04-08, 05:08 PM
Another check you can run is to compare the fuel used computer to your actual consumption. On my 99 that is the gas gauge right now and the most it has ever been off is 0.2 gallons when it is reset at every fillup. Try tracking that. There have been posts here lately where people have seen discrepancies between the two and they tend to have leaking injector(s) as a culprit. There may not be enough of a fuel delivery problem on your car to show up using this test, but it gives you some more information to work from.