: signs of transmission failure?

06-02-08, 08:31 PM
i was wondering what kind of noise do autotransmissions particularly 200r4's make when theyre going bad. im hoping the trans isnt going bad im aiming for it to be something on the engine malfunctioning. heres the dilema im driving usually in fourth gear and i start coming to a stop and as the trans downshifts i hear i rumbling or roaring kind of sound and kind of jerks or something and then at idle at the stop light its still making the sound i think its running rough or something because i dont see why after slowing down at idle it would be making that noise because the transmission isnt down or upshifting the trans hums just fine and doesnt slip or any of that does anyone have any ideas ? ive heared about trans noises what kind of noises does a bad transmission make and when ? thanks

09-26-08, 09:28 AM
You Might want to take a look at your rad as the tranny cooler lines go to the rad and my become clogged therefore cause similar symptom of tranny failure . Just a thought