: v vs gt 500

06-02-08, 04:27 PM
Well this dude I know's dad has a gt 500 and everyone was talkin how awsome it was. Anyway i chimed in that i would stay next to it or even eat it alive with a great driver (not me) on a road coarse stock for stock. I also mentioned with an intake and tune i would be right there on 1/4 mile times and if i bought a maggie i would destroy it in every way and still have a better looking car w/navigation that is just as rare if not more and have 15000 bucks to spare...... and I got kinda made fun of..... but since i saw this video i know the v could hang for sure:thumbsup:

Then I saw this this morning and it solidified my point but you tell me.
http://px2.sfstatic.com/handlers/GetSizedVideoThumb.ashx?id=163963&w=120 (http://videos.streetfire.net/video/H2H-Ep4-Shelby-Vs-Cobra_163963.htm?ref=efc90284-d322-4ce2-9878-9944009b0920)H2H Ep4, Shelby Vs. Cobra (http://videos.streetfire.net/video/H2H-Ep4-Shelby-Vs-Cobra_163963.htm?ref=efc90284-d322-4ce2-9878-9944009b0920)

06-02-08, 05:00 PM
GT 500 is a nice car if you want to own a cop magnet (doesn't matter what color) that will go real fast.

If I get a Mustang it will be a Saleen.

or I will turn it into one.

The V is a great sleeper. :shhh:

06-02-08, 05:11 PM
Dragtimes lists a few, range is 12.2-12.8secs, may be very tough to beat in 1/4 if your V is stock.
Go after him in the twisties, the V should beat it.

06-02-08, 05:22 PM
Not a mustang fan but with a pulley change and a tune these cars are putting down some serious horse power and they would be tough to beat in the 1/4 mile.

In the twisties with the right driver (not me) you would own them though. Solid axle and 15 YO technology on the suspension and it is one heavy car.

The car weighs in at 3,920 lbs so it's even heavier then our cars and most of the weight is up front. I would guess this thing would push into the turns for sure.

06-02-08, 05:28 PM
If I get a Mustang it will be a Saleen.

I hate how people drool over Saleen when there's so many different models that you don't know what you're up against when you see one. I was driving up the Everett Turnpike in NH on Saturday and passed through a toll booth just behind one. From 20mph to about 110mph, he couldn't pull. It did sound mean, though...poor Saab 9-3 got blown away in the process...

06-02-08, 05:44 PM
I also mentioned with an intake and tune i would be right there on 1/4 mile times and if i bought a maggie i would destroy it in every way

I'm not sure that you'd take a GT500 in a 1/4 with an intake and a tune. The driver of the GT500 would have to be a turd, but that's hard, especially when one considers they have launch control in that car--makes it almost idiot proof (at least to launch).

With a maggie, you have a shot, but I'm not sure it's going to be a cake-walk. I have an over-driven maggied V and I can assure you that I'd be taking notice if/when I run with one. In theory/on paper, I should easily take one, but I don't think it's going to be a cake-walk.

Now, a stock Lancer or Subaru STI--those I just smile at while I easily reel them in... :bouncy:

06-03-08, 02:45 AM
I know it won't hang on a road course. I past one when I was at VIR and he kept up on the straight until we got into the turns. The car had a lot of body roll I guess because they sit as high as ford trucks. Anyways, I lost him in the turns. My other beef with fords is they have not figured out how to put good brakes on them yet.

06-03-08, 10:45 AM
And they are getting old quickly. The more I see them, the more underwhelmed I get.

Seattle CTS-V
06-03-08, 02:47 PM
I've never been a fan of the racing stripes in the paint. I'm pretty sure that I'd have a hard time beating a stock one in the 1/4. From a roll I think I'd pull on one nicely. Our cars just aren't made for hole shots. Road course = no contest. If a new M5 can't take me I'm pretty sure a GT500 isn't.