: Best reason yet to avoid mass transit...

06-01-08, 06:13 PM

Sinister Angel
06-01-08, 06:23 PM

Is wayne brady gonna have to choke a bitch?

06-01-08, 09:21 PM
I understand that girl is now facing charges. :thepan:

06-01-08, 10:21 PM
Are we surprised she changed her tune from "I'm gonna kick yer ass" to "I'm pressing charges" when confronted with people who could've wadded her up like a kleenex and tossed her off the train? Someone needs to smack her a few times...

06-02-08, 01:36 PM
I hate public transportation.

Last night, some friends and I took the Twin Cities' Light Rail down to Minneapolis to go to a strip club. On our way back, we missed the last train back to the suburbs and had to wait two hours for a friend to pick us up. Which wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't taken the strip club up on their offer of "bottomless drinks" and had nine root beers. That, combined with the lack of any open restrooms in downtown Minneapolis at 2 AM really made me mad. Luckily, the Metrodome is a big place and nobody is gonna notice anyone peeing on their grounds.....