: Corvette-looking to buy one

06-01-08, 03:15 PM
we are selling one of our CTSs and i want a 2000 to 2005 corvette.
a few of us here at CF own them, any body have any info on things i need to watch out for on them?


06-01-08, 03:27 PM
Try to go 01 and up, they had the LS6 intake, a little bit better heads, the better oil pump and if you get a six speed they also got the LS6 clutch like the Z06 and the F-bodies.
Some of them will have the LSx piston slap. All of my LS1 F-bodies have had it (they use the same exact engine). Not really anything to worry about.
Oil pressure shouldn't be below 35 PSI at hot idle. My 00 is right around 38 at hot idle in summer with a pretty good size cam.
05 has the LS2 which is just an overall better motor then the LS6 or LS1. Has many updates through out. However the LS1 and LS6
do just fine. Plus you can get an 01 coupe pretty cheap these days.

c5 rv
06-01-08, 06:20 PM
I had an 02 6-speed coupe that was a great car. Lots of fun and very comfortable to cruise. Definitely get the 6-speed manual for the fun factor. Surprising amount of storage under the rear hatch. Averaged just under 25 MPG when I used it for commuting. Low entry and exit posed a problem for us, eventually. Check out www.corvetteforum.com for lots of good info.

Common problems:

- Column lock can refuse to unlock and has been documented to occur when car is moving! GM fix is lame - kills fuel if lock engages when car is running. Better fix is a column lock defeat (CLD) which can be bought aftermarket and installed. I did the install - not too tough.

- Rocking seats. Never had this problem.

- Rough ride from the runflats. There are good options out there for replacement tires.

- Skip-shift 1-4 is a PITA. Easy fix with a CAGS eliminator. I did this at my friendly oil change place in the pit.

- Rubbery shifter. Easy fix with aftermarket shifter. Since you have take the center console and dash apart at the same time, this is a good fix to install when you do the CLD.

Check for abuse. Try to get the seller to brag about their best 1/4 mile time. Check for melted rubber in the rear wheel wells. Try to get an un-modded car from an anal old fart, like me.

06-01-08, 06:40 PM
i hope to get a C6, and with an auto. is there a problem with the steering lock with the C6?

c5 rv
06-01-08, 08:52 PM
... i want a 2000 to 2005 corvette.

1997 - 2004: C5

2005 - : C6

Check the C6 section of Corvette Forum regarding column lock on the C6s. I assume it was corrected.