: Look at this. This is why I have gone wacky

06-01-08, 01:15 PM
Yesterday, Saturday, I asked my wife, around 3PM if we got any mail, today, as i had not seen anything. Wife said just a reminder card to have the furnace cleaned out over the Summer months.

After "just" 25 Years (a quarter of a Century) one can tell when a little lie is floating thru the air.

SOooo, I go snooping around. Doesn't take very long at all to find the mail!

A large sized post card to come in for A FREE hearing test, at a local hearing aid center.
Another postal card to visit a wheel chair, cane & crutch center, 2 towns away.
A very nice letter from Local Catholic Cemetery who is offering discount burial. (I am Jewish)....
An advertisment from a local vitamin store who will put together a package of essential vitamins for people of "advanced age" (gee, thanks.)

I feel like kicking some butt !!
This morning I played tennis art the park. Yesterday, I washed 2 cars *and then waxed one of them !! Then went out for Pizza & Ceasar Salad with wife and had a glass of Merlot.
I drove there. I onlt need glasses for reading.

Tonight is Bowling League !! :devil::lildevil::gun2::arghh::arghh::arghh:

06-01-08, 04:13 PM
Doesn't sound as though you are in need of any of there services!

06-01-08, 04:19 PM
Bah, don't stress too much about it. Even I feel old sometimes and have people telling me I'm getting old, and I'm only 20! Mine's just not to the degree that you're experiencing yet. :p.... As long as you feel young, that's all that matters.

06-01-08, 05:20 PM
Growing old is much better then the alternative. :D :hide:

06-01-08, 05:40 PM
This IS true !!;)

06-01-08, 06:16 PM
Why was I under the impression Sandy was female?

06-01-08, 06:20 PM
Any new pics of the 60 Special?

06-01-08, 06:27 PM
Sandy, you're obsessing way too much about age.

06-01-08, 06:35 PM
It was the damn hospital that did it. Right after my surgery I started getting junk mail about healthy eating habits and organic foods.

06-01-08, 07:02 PM
MauiV - Perhaps you knew me in a prior life ? It's Sandy .... Not Sandi ! (Tony VS Toni kinda deal...)

SLK230mb - YES, but I cannot post them, because I am stupid. I will seek help from brillaint son to assist in the near future.

RANGER - Ya, but it's annoying as heck.

Very Expensive Fleetwood - ;) You might be onto something.

The cemetery one got me. They would not even bury me there IF I responded in a positive frame of mind.

Sandy :devil:

06-01-08, 08:23 PM
Sandy is a worry wart! Sandy is a worry wart!

Old people aren't worried about being old.

06-01-08, 09:54 PM
No, they're worried about dying. :rimshot:

j/k Dave. :lol:

06-01-08, 11:05 PM
No, they're worried about dying. :rimshot:

j/k Dave. :lol:
When I had my heart attack I was half way to Anchorage on the MEDIVAC flight to the cardiac unit when The EMT told me, "You've made it farther than half the people we see". The story popped into my mind that "B1 Bob Dornan" told about being trapped in a submerged Jet fighter and saying to himself, "Look out Jesus, here I come". A great calm came over me and I was fully content with the idea that I might die. Since that moment, I have no worries about dying and to my mind it's nothing more than the next great adventure. I enjoy every day I'm given. Save your worrying for something you can change.

06-01-08, 11:18 PM
"Look out Jesus, here I come."


06-01-08, 11:28 PM
Why was I under the impression Sandy was female?Cause he has a girls name and drove a pink Lincoln?:D

06-01-08, 11:33 PM
Sandy is a worry wart! Sandy is a worry wart!

Old people aren't worried about being old.
Yeah, their worried more about being dead or crapping their pants in public!.:lildevil:;)

06-02-08, 12:01 AM
Yeah, their worried more about being dead or crapping their pants in public!.:lildevil:;)
Crapping in your pants in public is a trick most generally performed by a drunk young person.

Worrying about death is for the people still trying to compose a good story for judgement day.

06-02-08, 12:17 AM

06-02-08, 11:06 AM
I get stuff from the AARP. Must be because I owned a Seville LOL

06-02-08, 12:23 PM
I can't abide their liberal entitlement politics.

Cadillac Tony
06-03-08, 11:13 AM
Did you ever get the package I sent, Sandy? That should have brightened your day somewhat.

06-04-08, 07:26 PM

Years ago GM & especially Cadillac allowed a buyer to order a Caddy in any exterior paint color, that was used that year on any Cadillac model. Such as a CTS only color on an Escalade, by means of an example. They ALSO allowed you to order a deVille / Fleetwood in a color used on a Buick Electra or Olds 98, that was not available on a deVille / Fleetwood.

Then came computers, and that put that ordering availability into its grave.

I had many (probably more than anyone in the USA) cars painted in Special Order Pint, AT THE FACTORY ! Here's a list:-

1967 Buick Skylark Gran Cport 455 V-8 Convertible, painted in 1967 Buick Riviera exclusive "Pewter Charcoal Firemist"

1974 Imperial LeBaron 2-Door Hardtop in 1974 Barracuda Rallye Red

1988 Cadillac Sedan deVille in Mountain Laurel (Mountain Laurel Pink) - For my wife. A former Mary Kay car. The person who owned it sold it to me in 1990 with 2,245 miles on it. She did not "sell" she was in management, thus the low miles.

1986 Lincoln Mark VII - in 1959 Lincoln "Flamingo Pink" ! Can be viewed on the web !

1993 Sixty Special in Dark Amethyst Plum Metallic WITH wh ite leather interior, a combination that was NOT ALLOWED. But.......
I discovered Sales codes BG4 = Trim Override
B46 = Special Order Trim Equipment - Interior
DX3 = Exterior Paint Stripe DELETE
BY1 = Special Interior Compoents

The exterior was listed available with Grey, Beige, Taupe, Black (? - Horrid) and (or) Saddle.....But NOT, no Difinately NOT WHITE !

B46, BG4, DX3, B60, and BY1 made this happen & the mileage is current.