: Williamson Cadillac, Miami, FL

06-01-08, 10:28 AM
I have nothing but praise for Williamson Cadillac. I filled out one of those Cadillac website internet forms and within 2 hours of sending it, Williamson's internet manager telephoned me to set up a test drive. As I live 55 miles from the dealership, it was scheduled at my convenience without pressure.

The test drive was an extremely positive experience. I never felt rushed. I selected the CTS 3.6 DI with the FE2 & FE3 packages and took delivery 2 days later. I had previously purchased a Hummer from this dealership 5 years earlier and the business manager even remembered me! (I only had the Hummer 6 months, so I had not spent much time interacting at this dealership).

Sadly, my new CTS had the steering vibration on the drive home, so I called my salesman (Oscar) and he scheduled a service appointment the next morning for me. To make a long story short, after 3 visits over 5 days, the service department, as with all Cadillac service departments across the US, cannot pin down the source of the vibration. ( I have to add here how even the service manager, Mike, was immediately involved in working on my car.) Everyone was very nice and wanted to make sure my car was repaired. No one treated me like a "dumb blonde" or like just another number.

At the one week point, I was in tears over my new CTS and sent the owner, Ed Williamson, a fax detailing my car's problem - cited the 170+ postings on CadillacForums.com relating to THIS problem - and how no one had found a resolution. The next day, I received a call from my salesman asking when would be convenient for me to return to the dealership. He met me at my arrival, introduced me to 2 directors and Williamson's GM. A bit later, he introduced me to Mr. Williamson. The 2 directors & GM took my car for a one hour "test drive" and upon returning to the dealership, instructed my salesman to take me to "pick out another car" and to take me to lunch. There were no arguments, no hassles and no lengthy discussions.

I told my salesman we were in for a long afternoon because I wanted to DRIVE these cars and make sure there was no steering vibration again. He agreed. Hours later, I selected a more loaded CTS 3.6 DI, without the FE3 package. Three hundred miles later, I am more than satisfied with this CTS.

I cannot speak more highly of a car buying experience than these last 10 days of dealing at Williamson Cadillac. I have had mostly Porsche's for the last 18 years and refused to buy another due to the service hassles at the Porsche dealership. Williamson Cadillac is everything the Porsche dealership is not. During this entire trying experience, everyone was polite and respectful and there was never a cross word or a heated discussion. Everyone knows me by name and treats me as an intelligent individual and a valued customer. I hope my experience will encourage others in South Florida to deal with Williamson Cadillac.