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DopeStar 156
06-02-04, 10:41 PM
LOL! Does anyone here know what true love is? I learned what it is today when my girlfriend just did it all. We were at a pheasant farm that's no more than 5 minutes away from my girlfriend's house and they have a nice little pond. My lady wanted to feed the geese that gather there so we hopped in her 2000 Volkswagen Jetta since my Fleetwood Brougham does like to take down the gas and we drove the 5 minutes to the farm. We were tossing little bread pieces at the geese when my girlfriend throwing a piece of bread accidently let go of the laser cut flip key to her Jetta and it landed, ploop! Right in the middle of the pond! :holycrap: We rolled up our pants and waded in and still couldn't get to them. There were snakes, catfish, and the mud was so thick that you started to instantly sink once you went out far enough. We talked to one of the farm workers there and he loaned us a net but still no VW keys. My poor girlfriend was crying because that was the only set of keys and so embarassed so I told the farm hand I did it so she wouldn't feel bad. After trying to get a ride home with no luck we started to hoof it. She was crying for a bit until I got her to see the humor in it and by the time we were a quarter of the way there she was laughing at the whole situation. After a nice 45 minute walk we got in my Caddy and I took her out to lunch. We couldn't stop laughing about it all night. Luckily her parents also found it funny and so did the cop who came to her house about the abandoned VW. The farm owner was really cool about it being there and everyone had a good laugh about it. Tomorrow we're gonna see if we can't get a valet key made for it so we don't have to wait for a laser cut set that would take days to get to her. Poor poor girl, but that's what love is. Love is walking in pond scum for VW keys, then walking for 45 minutes with no shoes on and scummy feet and spending a good ammount of the time keeping her chin up. WHAT A DAY!!!! :bonkers:

06-02-04, 10:57 PM
enjoy it dude ! that kinda thing is hard to come by these days , and im not talking keys

SIDEBAR: ever try a big ass magnet ? pond doesnt sound to big , get some waders and the big ass magnet and drag it around int he pond for awhile , then one day surprise her with it , it goes from being key to one of those memory things, metal detector might work too

06-02-04, 11:23 PM
touching story man

BTW keys don't react to magnets, at least mine don't.

06-03-04, 07:06 AM
Dont those keys have computers within them....I dont think that a magnet would be the best thing for it.

06-03-04, 09:18 AM
well it was a idea ....... plan b , metal detector .......

then again thats a farm , probabal alot of metal things in there

06-03-04, 09:45 AM
knives hatchets, you know the like. Yea, things like that are hard to come by, good luck my friend.

06-03-04, 10:52 AM
That's a great story.

Watch out for barbed wire. I'd try the magnet thing, because the ring or maybe a fob on it might react. You can buy a really powerful magnet on a stick at a place like Home Depot, they only cost about $7. They're great for picking nails up after a construction project.

I threw a 7-iron into a pond once, purely by accident. It was raining and the grip was wet. Sonofa#itch went helicoptering about 30 feet. The ball I hit landed on the green, about 10 feet from the pin. I three-putted and it cost me 90 bucks to replace the club.

06-03-04, 11:37 AM
I threw a 7-iron into a pond once, purely by accident.

Sure you don't mean anger? lol

06-03-04, 12:32 PM
he wanted to test his throwing abilities. Just incase he needed a new sport.

El Dobro
06-03-04, 01:43 PM
Cool story.
Don't bother with a magnet if the keys are stainless steel, it won't stick.

06-03-04, 02:53 PM
Sure you don't mean anger? lol

Tommy Bolt always used to say that if you were going to throw a club, throw it in front of you rather than behind you. This way you don't have to walk out of your way to pick it up.

BTW, Tommy Bolt was the 1950's equivalent of John Daly.

DopeStar 156
06-04-04, 12:11 AM
Poor girl, they apparently had to tow the VW to the dealer they bought it from and have a new chip installed and make a regular set of keys for it. The laser cut flip keys are over $100 a piece! :jawdrop:

Dead Sled
06-04-04, 12:26 AM
ouch but those flip keys are sweet

DopeStar 156
06-04-04, 12:44 AM
Haha yeah they look like switches.

06-05-04, 09:25 PM
Wow what a story.....! Very emotionally moving.. :)

Night Wolf
06-06-04, 05:37 PM
Dont those keys have computers within them....I dont think that a magnet would be the best thing for it.

either would sitting underwate for a few days ;) :D

06-07-04, 04:59 AM
other stuff on the keychain would stick to the magnet, also there is a metal bar and some other metal pieces on the VW key.