: RDS-Radio Interchange '97 Eldo

German Lenny
05-31-08, 07:46 PM
Hello @all,

after reading all the threads here about problems with Radio, HU interchangings and aux-in-adding, it seems to me that my US-English is not that good to understand all the detail informations in thousands of threads Iíve read you all are giving. You all do a great job:thumbsup:! And now a little discouraged:helpless:, here is my special problem: My beloved í97 stock Eldorado (imported from North Carolina in 2000) has an AM/FM cassette non-bose radio system and no CD-Changer in trunk. All I want, is to verify, if there (or not) was an OEM or (maybe later) compatible HU for my car with integrated RDS-function, that would fit my Eldorado when interchanging it. Maybe you can help me with my question. Even there is no way for solving my problem, I at least could sleep well and stop my vainly search on Ebay and similar markets.

Friendly regards (and sorry for my poor Am-Engl.)


05-31-08, 08:29 PM
hey you speak better English than me haha
sorry for the bad news but it will not work as you MUST have bose

German Lenny
06-01-08, 06:13 AM

I wished it was YOU, who would answer;)! So thx for your information, even it is not the one I hoped for.:crying2: That was my persuasion too, 'til I stumbled on that...


...where you gained experiences with upgrading RDS to your '97 ETC. But there I overlooked your information on your build in Bose. So it's not only a matter of integrated amp but also if it's a Bose system, right? You see, here in Germany RDS is a standard feature in Radios/HU since many years (maybe 20 or more). In my Eldo, I listen to external Audio's (US-Sticks, SD-cards, line in jack) via a DNT-MusicFly-SD-transmitter to the HU. It's not as perfect as an aux-in, but it's close to it and most of all it's simple and cheap! This transmitter is able to send the ID-Tags of -for example- MP3-files to the HU and you could see the informations with RDS. And that is why, I was answering.

Anyway....Thx once more


06-01-08, 12:10 PM
Not a problem
upgrading to the bose system is a huge headache as there is also a main brain unit which is behind the rear seat which interfaces all of the 4 mini amps on each speaker
if your dead set on keeping the stock system and getting a stock radio your BEST bet is to get the radio then use an LOC (line out converter) or a JL Cleansweep to get the audio sound from the hu, connect it to your own aftermarket amp, and then power the speakers with that amp...

German Lenny
06-01-08, 12:47 PM
So, at last, I think I'd leave it as it is. I already thought of the solution you suggested in your last posting. I'm still alive though I haven't that convenience;). But it would have been a nice gimmick. Whenever that will be, but I'll "upgrade" the sound system with my next car (definitely again a Caddy, time to visit the States again for drawing of one of your nice cars :sneaky: ;))!!


06-03-08, 12:00 AM
You may also need to research RDS vs RDBS - as usual the US and EU use different standards. The US based RDS is all but worthless in Europe!

German Lenny
06-03-08, 05:10 PM
That's right! I phoned with some guys at several junkyards here in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Scandinavia. There were some (EU-) HU's with RDS, I would have purchased if necessary. But they could not help me with the informations:helpless:, I got here in this forum:thumbsup:.