05-31-08, 03:02 PM
Howdy. I'm a new member, picked up a 2003 STS this month. It has the Bose system in it which I understand is XM ready. (you know the message you get when you press the PTY button). I've been wading through the mass of posts on this subect for the last few days and am more confused than ever. Can you help me with clearing this up so I can understand what I need to do to add XM? Can a smiple harness adapter be made rather than the intrusive wiring procedure outlined in the sticky about 2002 wiring diagram? This is a Canadian car if that makes any different. Also, I see from one of your posts that you do ready made Nav radios for plug'nplay. How much do you charge for one of these and could XM installed be an option? Thanks for any help with this.
Doug Smith

05-31-08, 03:18 PM
XM can be added via the sticky instructions to both non nav radios and nav radios 02+
yes i can make a stock nav plug and play for you but contact me at cadillac1997etc@yahoo.com about that...