View Full Version : Wheels Storage Question

05-30-08, 05:31 PM
So I see that there are several people selling their 05, 06 17" wheels really cheap locally. I have been thinking - if I purchase these and store them, will the chrome still peel after maybe 5/6 years when I pull them out to replace my current sets? If not, how should I go about storing them, with tight plastic bags in boxes?

05-30-08, 07:28 PM
I store my stock chrome 17" wheels throughout the year, minus winter season. I have them in Les Schwab bags, which keeps them from dust, and so far they've been holding up pretty well in my shed, going on 3 years..

No chrome peeling, etc!

05-30-08, 07:34 PM
Did you buy the Les schwab bags? are they plastic/air tight kind? I have never gone to that shop. Thanks.

06-01-08, 07:32 AM
Clean and wax them before you out them away, if they are in a dry place you will not have any problems, if there are stores in a damp or humid area you may have issues.

06-02-08, 11:47 AM
They are just regular yellow les schwab bags that they give for free. Its not sealed tight or anything. But do what hcvone said, clean and wax them before storing them! Thats what I do! :thumbsup: