: Reaction to my roller-coaster road videos

05-29-08, 03:56 PM
The videos (http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-kill-stories-race-videos/105798-more-twisties.html) I posted on YouTube last year driving both Cruella and Betty over my favorite roller coaster road have gotten some comments on YouTube, mostly complimentary, a few less so. But I recently got an especially nasty comment:

This video sucks!!!

Buy a 2,200 lb. Miata 5spd then go tape it, not a front wheel drive 4,500 lb. pile of crap.
Of course, anybody who knows me also knows that I'm not one to let anybody insult my cars. So here's my response:

It's 3,600 pounds, and can easily outrun your Miata, so I suggest you take your little 5-speed and stick it up your ass.
I've driven a friend's '93 Miata, and they're great fun on roads like this, but I wouldn't want one for a daily driver. So my response is not meant to disparage the Miata in any way, just to tell this guy what a jerk he is.

If anybody else would like to respond to the comment and defend the honor of our Cadillacs, the URL for the video is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2Ei-8RkacQ

05-29-08, 03:58 PM
Let's have some fun with this one boys. :stirpot:

05-31-08, 02:31 PM
Every jackass that has ever owned a Miata thinks its the fastest vehicle on the road. :bigroll: Nice vid, and I posted a comment directed at "PUBE".

05-31-08, 03:56 PM
I've also posted.

06-05-08, 03:03 PM
That thing only weighs only 3600 lbs. The 95 deville I just bought weighs 4950 lbs.

06-05-08, 04:16 PM
dude that road looks fun as hell to drive on. to bad im from chicago where theres not a hill for 300 miles :(

06-05-08, 06:25 PM
That thing only weighs only 3600 lbs. The 95 deville I just bought weighs 4950 lbs.

Maybe 4950 gross, but I think it's like 37-3800 dry.

06-08-08, 01:12 PM
A Miata barely makes enough torque to move off the line, much less run against a V8.