: North Star & Transmission Issues

05-29-08, 12:48 PM
Apparently someone decided to close my post, as a LOYAL GM owner starting with a ’71 Vega, a “66” Vette thru all my Chevy trucks… and yes an owner of 3 Caddies, I feel I have not only the right to post a problem and complaint but a duty too.
I realize there many people with nothing better to do than B#%$* and complain, this happens to be my wife’s car and yes, I admit I hate it.
Presently we have 37 pages of repairs and the car is still in the shop now adding to the pages. I get stuck with the problems and dealing with GM on an extend warranty issue for a problem car.
I’m a long way from a Caddy basher, I simply think this car and in particularly ours [my wife’s] is a piece of crap! If someone out there doesn’t agree with my opinion fine…want to buy one real cheap?
Response to the blind spot question….Terrible in my opinion. In the 4 years owned, I have only driven the car, I’d have to say less than 5k miles... and that was more than I wanted to.