: HELP! 5-6 sec. Cold Starts

06-02-04, 06:27 PM
I have a 1995 SLS and lately everytime I start it up after it sits, it takes at least 5-6 seconds to start up...it starts, but something definitely ain't right. Any suggestions, similar probs?

06-02-04, 10:42 PM
Did you check the fuel pressure regulator?

06-03-04, 01:14 AM
i am still trying to figure out the 3 minute pause my Eldorado put me through only days after purchasing it. the car sat for one day after i bought it , i went out to go to work, put the key in the ignition, turned the key and nothing all dash lights came on as usual, but that was it, i tried it two or three more times immediately after that and was then greeted with a message on the dash telling me to wait 3 minutes. i watchted the time on the dash count down and after the 3 minutes got another message telling me to "Start Car". I turned the Key and it started right up and hasn't done that again since then. not sure why it happened that way. It still has me scratching my head. :bonkers:

06-03-04, 02:04 AM

that is the passkey 2 system, since it only happened once your key was either wet or dirty.

don't wory it isn,t a problem unless it does it all the time

06-03-04, 06:21 AM
Check your fuel pressure, Ignition coil, plugs wires that stuff, And if those all check out, you need a new starter.

STS 310
06-03-04, 12:50 PM
Fuel pressure reg or fuel pump are culprits