: Search-fu is weak tonight...anyone have time to help?

05-28-08, 02:30 AM
Looking for pictures of a "bulldach" which is a mix between a bulldog and a dachshund.

I may just have an english bulldog that is pregnant by a brendle mini-dascshund and am wondering just what in the hell it will look like.

The Tony Show
05-28-08, 01:02 PM

Oh wait- I thought you said......nevermind.

05-28-08, 01:23 PM
HAHAHA...fair enough... :)

05-28-08, 10:59 PM
I guess this page might give you SOME idea of how it will turn out, the main dog on here is a Rottweiler/Dachshund mix...


05-28-08, 11:25 PM
Hehehe, the bulldog was owned by a wiener dog!

05-29-08, 02:00 AM
A gay weiner dog at that... I think he humped her on accident.

05-29-08, 01:51 PM
That Rot and Sheppard mix near the bottom looks awesome.

Anyone know where I can get a fox? I've always wanted a fox.

05-29-08, 02:32 PM
Hmm... I could only find references to such a thing, but no actual pictures.

I suppose the "weirdest" mix I have personal experience with is my cousin's "Boxerman." While they were usually good at separating their male Boxer and their big-ass, female red doberman when the bitch was in heat... they weren't quick enough last year! So now they have what I lovingly refer to as "demon-dog."

Anyhoo... the wife and I have actually been looking at Alaskan Malamutes... I've always loved those dogs.

05-29-08, 02:43 PM
Presa Canario and English Bulldog are my next 2 dogs.


05-30-08, 12:23 PM