: Reverse problem someone please help me please

05-27-08, 03:03 AM
i have a 97 deville and everything iz fine when i put my car into reverse and give it a lil gas but as soon as i put my foot on the brake it makes a very loud grinding noise and sometimes locks up and i have to put my foot back on the gas to get it reversing again....what can be the cause of this????

05-27-08, 03:05 AM
Check rear brakes. K_C

05-27-08, 03:14 AM
but it sounds like it is coming from underneath of the hood around the tranny

05-27-08, 03:24 AM
Are you hearing any noises when applying the brakes while driving forward? K_C

05-27-08, 03:26 AM
no not at all everything is fine until i apply the brake in reverse i just put brand new brakez and rotors on in my front

05-27-08, 03:31 AM
I would suspect your recent brake work. Park on an uphill in neutral and allow the car to roll backwards, then apply the brakes. Bet you hear the noise. K_C

05-27-08, 03:36 AM
o ard i just did that thankz kc i heard the noise.....but wat would be the problem of my recent brake work for it to be acting like this??

05-27-08, 04:21 AM
Hard to say. You're going to have to pull things apart and take a close look. You're sure you have the correct parts. The pads need to be installed correctly. There are tabs that need to go in the right way. My guess is it's related to that. Don't imagine you have the FSM - Factory Service Manual. With the wheel off and brake applied you might get a better idea as to what's up. Be sure to support the vehicle solidly - apply ebrake to secure the rear. K_C

05-27-08, 04:44 PM
Check the top/front caliper bolt - if it were not installed properly, forward motion would still drive the caliper down, bit in reverse, it would lift and maybe contact the inside of the wheel.

Let us know what you find.