: Deville 2001 radio

05-24-08, 09:33 AM
My 2001 Deville radio will only work if it has been removed from power/ disconnected from the car for a few hours then plugged back in. At that time it will play and all functions work but it shuts, down clock and all, and will not power back up until it has been removed from the car for a period of time. I have pulled the codes and got AMPU1000 Current & AMPU1128. Am I looking at a bad control head or a bad audio amp? I suspect the control head as I powered up the radio on the bench and the clock lights up for about 60 seconds then shuts down. Same thing its doing in the car. Any thing would help


05-24-08, 09:53 AM
d.c the battery
if it does it again then id sat amp 1st since its saying an amp data class loss of communication

05-24-08, 02:28 PM
I tried that. Got the same results. So I hooked power up to the F pin and grounds to the F & E pins on the radio. Clock came on for about 2 minutes and then shut down just like it did in the car. Cleared all the codes this morning and tried hooking it all up again. Same to codes both current this time instead of history. I'm thinking something in the power supply of the radio is opening up after heating up and shutting the radio down resulting in the com errors. Any thoughts?

05-25-08, 07:50 AM
Another question. Where is the amp located in the car?

05-25-08, 10:55 PM
behind rear seat on driver's side. Amps are common on these.

06-07-08, 10:28 PM
Purchased a Ebay special and installed it. Clock now works as well as the chimes in the car. Theftlock is active displayed when I turn it on. I have the doner car's vin and the serial number of this radio so I guess its off to the dealer. Can any GM dealer reset the codes or does it have to be a Cadillac dealer? What's the going rate for this service?

06-08-08, 12:45 AM
any GM dealer with a tech 2 and any common sense on how to use it will be able to do it lol