: Brake dust,,, arrgh

06-01-04, 10:59 PM
Anybody else find this a major pita? I work 30 miles from home. After a good clean and detail job I get to work and there is a coat of brake dust on the wheels. Is there a brake pad that works well but does not release so much dust? I went for a couple hundered mile drive and when I got home I was amazed to see so much dust. I did not do any hard brakeing just normal stopping. When I drive in the rain the amount caked on is even worse. Now maybe I'm not normal but when I detail my car I jack each wheel off the ground jam my sponge inside the rim by the caliper and roll the wheel, that followed by wipeing the backside of each spoke, then followed with a soft detail brush of the caliper. I have found a foam swap to clean around each lug nut from www.griotsgarage.com item #10226 they come in a pack of ten for $14.95 anybody find something better?

06-01-04, 11:23 PM
You are normal. Last weekend I jacked up all the wheels one by one and removed each of then and cleaned them 100% and waxed each wheel to keep the dust off there. It makes it easier to clean next time. But I totally agree about the brake dust. My brother has a z06 and just bought ceramic brakes for his car. He hasn't put them on but they are suppose to make a different color dust or something. Maybe someone else can help, I would be interested in switching brake pads as well.

06-02-04, 12:09 AM
I wash the car every weekend and the dust is bad even after 1 day. But the alternative is terrible brakes or dust covers (and poor brake performance) which is not the reason I bought this car.

Like clinton, I clean very well every weekend when I wash the car and take the wheels off every month or so to get those "hard to reach" places....

One thing I think makes it worse on the V is the brake ducting which keeps the brakes cold, but also fans the dust outward on the wheel to where it is visible.

I will live with it to have the stopping power that this car has.


06-02-04, 04:50 AM
I purchased a set of performance brake pads that emit little to no dust from a web site called brakewarehouse.com, for my 1987 Buick Grand National. They have everything for brakes and are nice people to do business with. Not sure if they carry pads for the 'V' yet or not, but you could start there.

06-02-04, 07:49 AM
Of course I've got alot of dust on the V.... and had alot on my M5... and even more on my Viper GTS. Nature of the beast, if you ask me.

06-02-04, 10:09 AM
Even a fairly cheap pressure washer will help a lot, if used with reasonable regularity.

06-02-04, 11:47 AM
Im pretty sure that Hawk will have pads that fit these particular brembo calipers. I used their street plus pads with great sucess and no squeel or dust on my 944 turbo. When the pads wear out, you can keep the plates and have Carbotech reline them with this same hawk compound for less than the cost of new ones; or buy new and keep the relined as spares.


06-02-04, 04:41 PM
The brake dust reminds of my XJR which also had Brembo brakes. Part of the deal I guess.

06-02-04, 07:06 PM
I have a 2003 Navigator (which is currently for sale so I can pick up a CTS-V) that had a terrible problem with brake dust. I bought a set of Kevlar pads made by Rotex that are awesome. I bought saw them advertised in the back of Motor Trend magazine from a place called the Brake Warehouse - website www.brakewarehouse.com (http://www.brakewarehouse.com) . Don't know if they have them for the V, but you could look into it. The guy I talked to on the phone said Ceramic pads still dust but the dust is a gray color.....most ceramic pads still have carbon in them, but the Kevlar ones do not. So far, he is correct. Good Luck - if you know anyone needing a Black 03 Nav, send them my way......I want a V bad!!

Rich H
06-02-04, 09:20 PM
I think part of the problem is the open spoke design of the wheels. Any dust generated by the pads will find its way through the spokes. However, I agree with most others that the brake dust is a small price to pay for awesome brakes that are unmatched for feel and control. Going to different pads could run the risk of overheating and warping the rotors.

soon to V
06-02-04, 10:11 PM
Brake dust is definitely there in quick build fashion! For what its worth, I find myself washing off the bugs and brake dust every night after work. I only do the whole car when it needs its, like every 3 days or so. When clean-clean, I put down a few coats of durable wax - NuFinish (not the show car choice ...I know, but it lasts longer) on the front, side areas behind wheels, and the wheels. I then use only water and never any detergent to clean (to keep the wax protecting longer). Keeping after it this often makes the process go quick. I also find that if I have more than 60 mile days (my usual daily total) I can also do the quarter car wash high pressure sprayer on just the wheels (again - rinse water only), hit it with some spot free rinse, and the process blows away the dust pretty effectively without much work.

PS I know this will get old after a while, but by then I should have my rainy day car out of the shop and on the road again.