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05-23-08, 10:39 AM
Newbie question:

I have a 2001 Seville SLS that has the base radio (single CD & cassette, *no* RDS). I would like to add XM capability, but this radio was made prior to the XM-ready generation.

I would prefer a DIY solution where I can keep my OEM radio. I am guessing that means I have to use an external tuner (if not, please correct me), but I would like to avoid the FM-modulator or cassette adapter routes and would rather have a direct connection to the radio.

I have seen talk of a CD changer input. If I have one, could I use that? Where is it located (back of the radio, glove box, trunk?). I briefly sniffed around the glove box and trunk, but didn't immediately spot anything. What should I be looking for?

05-23-08, 11:08 AM
easiest and CLEANEST way
upgrade to an 02 unit its plug and play but you will need to get the unit theftlock cleared
then run 2 purple data class wires from pins e6 and f6 on the radio plug to your 6 disc changer plug in the center console
then follow the stickied instructions on how to add XM

05-23-08, 07:52 PM
Thanks for your advice!

A few questions:
1) You said the CD changer connector is in the center console. Is this something I should be able to find without removing the dash? Or is that something I will see only after removing the dash and extracting the radio?

2) The XM Direct kit has two connectors: one large one and the 10-pin Mini-Fit Junior that the stickied instructions concern. Will the large connector on a newer OEM radio ('02-'04) that I purchase and on the XM Direct kit be pin compatible with my existing '01 SLS harness?

3) You said "then run 2 purple data class wires from pins e6 and f6 on the radio plug to your 6 disc changer plug in the center console". I don't understand why this is necessary. As I understand the stickied instructions, the serial data is fed in from the XM Direct Kit into the CD changer plug. Why would I also need to make another connection between the radio plug and the CD changer plug? Doesn't the CD Changer plug interface to the radio somehow already (I would assume it connects to something that splits off from the harness that currently plugs into the back of my radio)? If not, I don't understand the role of the CD Changer plug.

05-23-08, 09:10 PM
1 remove your center console all the cubby holes and such then there will be a panel pop it and feel around youll find the harness
2 see 3
3 yes doing this will make the xm compatible for your car as the rest of the wire needing to power it are at the changer

05-24-08, 01:43 PM
Thanks for your patience -- these are uncharted waters for me.

If I understand you correctly on point #3, you are saying that I need to run wires from e6 and f6 on the back of the radio to pins 9 and 10 (I'm assuming) on the CD Changer plug.

When I subsequently hook up the XM Direct, the stickied instructions say that I am to run a wire between pin 2 of the XM Direct's Mini-Fit Junior connector and pin 9 or 10 of the CD Changer plug. Thus, I will have actually made an electrical connection between the XM Direct's pin 2 and either e6 or f6 on the back of the radio, and the CD changer plug's pin 9 or 10 will be serving as a waypoint in the electrical connection. This sounds very strange to me. Have I misunderstood the procedure?

05-24-08, 02:09 PM
not a problem

yea you got the wiring 100% down

as for actually wiring in the XM driect i havent done it as i have no need for XM so i cannot say how to actually do that part, but i am sure the upgrade of units to an 02+ with the rewire will allow for the XM direct to work and be controlled through the HU as i have advised others it will work, they have done it, and it worked.

05-25-08, 10:58 PM
I ran a class 2 data line to pin 10 of the changer harness and added the xm direct unit in my 01 DTS with the dvd based nav unit (ask STS2003) and everything worked perfectly.

05-26-08, 07:49 AM
Thanks to both of you guys.

I am going to put in a bid on a newer radio shortly. I will let you know how the upgrade goes.

05-26-08, 10:11 AM
make SURE it is an 02+ unit