: Excellent service from Hendrick Cadillac in Cary,NC and Sewell Cadillac in Dallas,TX

05-22-08, 11:25 AM
I have a 2006 STS-V. The front right wheel developed a crack in one of the spokes. This car originated at Sewell Cadillac in Dallas and at that time had the factory wheels chromed as Sewell does on many of the cars it sells.

I had purchased this STS-V with only 1800 miles on it from the original owner and then brought it back to Cary, NC (near Raleigh). I had been having all of my service done at Hendrick Cadillac in Cary.

Hendrick could order the factory painted wheel as a warranty replacement, but it would not match the original chrome wheel that Sewell had put on the car.

Hendrick worked with Sewell to get the correct wheel for my car which Sewell keeps in stock. Although I was not the original owner, Sewell agreed to ship the chrome wheel to Hendrick in exchange for a standard painted wheel at no charge.

The wheel arrived at Hendrick and they mounted my tire on the new rim.

I worked with service advisors at both Hendrick and Sewell and could not ask for better treatment. They really knew what they were doing, treated me fantastically, and did their respective dealerships proud. In my opinion, they showed exactly how Cadillac service should be. I could not ask for better service.

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09-01-08, 03:24 AM
You may have given Hendrick a new customer. University GM Superstore in Durham is struggling and cutting back. Cary isn't too far of a drive from Chapel Hill for me.

09-01-08, 10:11 PM
I've never gotten my car serviced at Hendrick, but the sales staff was extremely friendly and wasn't pushing to sell something like most places are. I've also heard the service department was excellent.