: Plug for 97EldoCoupe

05-21-08, 04:52 PM
Hey all,

Just wanted to put in a good word for 97EldoCoupe (Jake). He's located in South Western Ontario and does head gasket repair on Northstars, as well as oil seals and lots more for much much less than dealers and other shops.

I'd mentioned him earlier here when I saw his ad on Kijiji before I knew who he was (and before I knew that he's a member here), but I just recently got him to do the lower crankcase oil seals (front, rear, and oil pan) on my 99 STS and he did a great job, at a great price, and even cleaned up the mess another shop left behind. I'd let him work on my Caddy again in a heart beat and trust him with it more than most other shops.

Anyway, drop him an email if you have any work you need done on your Caddy, he's a straight shooter.


05-21-08, 07:47 PM
Thank you Jad, best of luck with your STS. I'm offering these services to anyone across Canada as well if they can get their car to me near London, Ontario $1200 CAD is the price I charge for head gasket repair, Fel-Pro gaskets included, fresh oil & filter, new Prestone Dex-Cool approved coolant, all included. I clean the combustion chambers, pistons and surfaces so they're free of carbon.

I can do the lower case-seals, crankshaft seals, and oil pan seal as well for approx. $300 more.

I guarantee my repair work for 30,000 kms or 18,600 miles or 1 year (whichever comes first) on the head gasket repair itself, but I personally believe it will last another 200,000 kms if not more. Dealers and service garages are welcome to contact me at 519-866-5355, if they'd like to out-source their Northstar jobs. I will pick-up and deliver within most of Ontario, contact me for pricing, but I'm usually reasonable. Within SW Ontario I charge only my gas expenses. I have done 12 of these cars now, not a single one has come back to me in over a year's time.

Even if you're out-of-province, it may be worth the vehicle delivery charges, or if the gaskets aren't too bad, take a short vacation to Ontario. It takes me approx. 3-4 days depending on ease of the job, but I'm charging a flat rate for the job, not by the hour. And my method will not crack your engine block, as sometimes time-serts do. I take my time and do everything carefully, that's why it takes 3-4 days. I welcome all the work I can get on Northstars.

For anyone in Canada, my toll free number is 1-877-866-5355.