: Fly for Cheap?

05-21-08, 09:12 AM
I have a trip overseas that I have to make, what is the best way to get the best possible deal?

Any travel agents on here?

05-21-08, 09:23 AM
Hide in a suitcase?

05-21-08, 09:38 AM
lol...would try that if I would fit.
but seriously though...I want to attend my sister's wedding, this trip would be like 4 days, two of which would be travelling. And I want to minimize cost...don't want to end up spending more than I really have to on a 4 day jaunt.

05-21-08, 12:27 PM
I like using www.farechase.com

05-21-08, 10:07 PM
Stowing away in a wheel well is popular. Wear your overcoat.

05-21-08, 10:25 PM

05-21-08, 10:29 PM
Whenever I travel, I use a 4 pronged approach to get the best deal. #1, I go to kayak.com and enter my intinerary, it's like a search engine that searches a lot of travel sites, shows you the lowest rates, and links you to them on the correlating website.

With that information in mind, search another website called airfare.com. Airfare.com is different in the fact that they are an old fashioned travel agency. They buy blocks of tickets and resell them, so you have the potential of getting a really cheap rate below expedia and priceline(those sites just check the airlines computers for current rate and book them), but not always. It's worth a look. Be careful on this site and go through all the steps to get the final price including all taxes and fees to compare.

Then, whatever airline comes up with the lowest price on those searches, check their sites (aa.com/lufthansa.com/etc) for the same itinerary to see if it comes up a few bucks cheaper without booking fees. ALSO, search the web for that airline's coupon/promo codes to see if there are any available to combine for a lower price.

Finally, go to hotwire.com, and search them, they may have something cheaper but won't publish the details like exact time and airline because the airlines don't want to publish those low rates publicly until you actually go ahead and make the purchase. If you're flexible and this option turns out cheaper, it's the best option.

Be careful because these sites don't let you cancel/change itinerary easily if at all. I've used them all, including airfare.com, they are the shadiest out of all, but sometimes they just come out cheaper by a lot of money and I've never been burned by them.

Night Wolf
05-22-08, 08:17 AM
Get a job with an airlines, fly free, or close to it.... dosen't matter what you do within the company either, as long as you are employed by them.

Sinister Angel
05-22-08, 08:26 AM
Get a job with an airlines, fly free, or close to it.... dosen't matter what you do within the company either, as long as you are employed by them.

Well... yes/no.

ZW is groundhandling for UAX and NW, but we don't have normal bennies on either (at least since our CR2s stopped flying for UAX). We do have bennies on US airways tho.

Non-reving can be a bitch though.

05-22-08, 11:21 AM
The discount you get as an airline employee depends on the agreement negotiated between your employer and the one you wish to fly on. Each can have their own rules and fees. Sometimes it took some convoluted planning to make it all fit together. The outfit I worked for had great agreements because we had a very desirable niche market and had something to offer in return. You could still get stuck in Tombuktoo flying space available but if you went with the flow and considered it an adventure instead of a pain, it was enjoyable.

05-22-08, 12:39 PM
Join the military & get on a MAC flight.

Similar to what 97 Deville said, I search all the sites like Expedia & Priceline to see what their best prices are & then I got the the airline's site that has the best price. I'd say 75% of the time they're cheaper on the airline's own site. Then I Google something like "airline promo codes" or "airfare online coupons" & see if I can find something for that airline. Either way, next I call the airline & ask them if they have any specials or anything I cn do to get a cheaper price than what I saw on their site. Then after they give me their absolute best price I ask if they can add a promo code as well. Last time I flew from Tampa to Omaha on American, their site listed the best round trip (with one stop) at $149. I ended up getting it for $89.