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Big L
05-19-08, 10:02 PM
Hi. I'm posting in hopes someone has successfully replaced their stock navigation and can help me out. I have a 2001 Deville DHS and the only harness I've found that fits is the PAC OS2-GM32. Now, this says easy plug n play...nope. I've blown my screen fuse everytime I plug in the wire harness only (not the interface box, just the cable). I've also tried the GMOS-06, by Metra Electronics, but this does not fit. I am desperatly wanting to install my new double din screen I received for Christmas, so if anyone has any relevant info, I'd really really appreciate it!! Thanks.

05-19-08, 10:28 PM
your car has a different due to your nav and since its a rare system all the companies didnt account for this
you have to repin your nav system plug along with some other work
where are you located, if you closed to Pgh PA i can help you with it

Big L
05-19-08, 11:53 PM
unfortunately, I'm located in California. Is this something one can easily do?

05-20-08, 12:31 AM
likely not...
i could maybe devise a harness which would adapt your wires into the correct positions and then youll have the right plug to use the gmos-06

Big L
05-20-08, 01:39 AM
the gmos does not fit with my car's harness. Could this be done with the pac-audio?

05-20-08, 02:26 PM
i know it doesnt
i said id MAKE a harness to adapt YOUR harness into the 32 pin that the GMOS-06 needs....

Big L
05-20-08, 03:26 PM
I'm sorry, I thought you were referring to changing the wire configuration of an exisiting harness, not making a new harness connection piece. What would you charge for this?

05-20-08, 03:40 PM
i have to look at the schmatics to see if you even have all the wires you need on your harness...

Big L
05-20-08, 06:00 PM
I have a jpeg of my stereo schemactic if you want it

05-20-08, 06:34 PM
no need
i have access to GM ESI (electronic service information)
basically the full dealers how to on anything gm 1998-2005

05-20-08, 06:41 PM
i just looked it over
the pin outs are about the same and the only differences shouldnt cause any issues
if i were you id sand down your stock plugs guides so that the plug will plug into a gmos-06 and just save yourself the money

Big L
05-20-08, 09:02 PM
unfortunately, I've already returned the gmos. I am currently still in possession of the pac audio OS2-GM32.

Big L
05-23-08, 09:44 PM
has anyone successfully swapped their navigation for an aftermarket deck?

05-23-08, 09:45 PM
probably not
like i said its a rare outdated option and those who have it usually dont care to replace it