: 98 Deville Head Unit Swap

05-19-08, 07:24 PM
Hello everyone, i just got a 98 deville and i would like to change out my factory head unit for an aftermarket. I've already started on this and found out that u can't buy a cheap harness from autozone. When i hooked it up the radio wouldn't come on. I checked for power and found that there is not even a wire where the remote power is suppost to come through? So i guess my question was...is there a harness i can get for less then 120 dollars. The car i have doesn't have the bose or any security feature that i know of, i also dont' care about the onstar.

05-22-08, 01:34 AM
I also have a 98 deville and have gone through all the trouble that you are starting to go through. The best way to put in an aftermarket head unit is to build a t-harness and relocate the factory radio into the trunk. It hides real good behind the carpet in the quarter panel. I have tried the expensive harness and even paid a stereo shop to install my radio. The car kept going to sleep and resetting everything, so I decided to splice into the factory harness to build the t_harness. When you do this you will have to find a power source that comes on with the ignition and hook it up straight to your aftermarket radio (don't hook up the red wire on the aftermarket harness). Run all your wires to the trunk except for the right front speaker, and the rear speakers. You need the left front speaker wires if you want to keep your chimes. My car has kept all of its functions except for the steering wheel controls and the aftermarket unit doesn't stay on like the factory did (not a big deal to me). The car hasn't gone to sleep or reset since doing this. FINALLY SATISFIED!!!

05-22-08, 12:43 PM
so u already tried the expensive harness and it didn't work? What all will i loose without going this route? I think i still have chimes, i know they come on when i leave the headlights on. It seems that the only problem i am experiencing with the cheap harness is that there is no remote hookup. If i have no security features and no onstar, is it really necesary, i don't mind loosing the steering wheel controls either. One more question before i do it, are u really suppost to cut the bracket out behind the radio to make it fit? I just want to be sure before i go and cut somthing i need.