: Help with "Security" Light

esca lade uk
05-19-08, 04:30 PM
The other day I went to enter the lade (2002 5.3L) and noticed straight away something seemed odd, no interior lights at all as I opened the door.
I pressed the unlock button on my clifford rsx 3.5 then put the key in the ignition, no chime even with my door open. She started right up but I had some feeling something still was not right. I noticed on the dash the message centre was flashing "SECURITY" then it stayed solid. I then realised being in my garage with the door down and it being quite dark my xenons never came on as they would normally do in that type of light.

Also when the lade is running I have no interior lights. I noticed that I am able to remove the key from the ignition in ACC, RUN and START position (coincidence maybe but I never noticed this before.) When I switch the key to the off position all the interior lights come on as they would do normally! I'm hoping that its a worn cylinder lock or passlock sensor but with the other strange things happening I think not.

Something crazy also happens when the drivers door is closed or open and I press the door lock/unlock switch, the little tab that goes from side to side will move to the closed position and will not go to the open position, the only way to open the door is to push the tab to the to open position and then open the door with the handle as normal. The other doors operate fine.

With the ignition on, the door lock/unlock switch will operate the rear wiper if its in the 1 or 2 position.:confused: Could this be the Body Control Module?

Any help or ideas would be greatly appriciated

esca lade uk
05-25-08, 02:30 PM
Thanks for all the replies!!

The fix. The problem was the TBC (TRUCK BODY CONTROL) fuse (10 amp) had blown under the hood. When the key was in the ACC, RUN or START position I had no dome lights, no glove box light, vanity mirror lights, GDO. I had working drl's but no main headlights, driverís door would lock but not unlock. Drivers door lock/unlock switch would operate rear wiper. Remote would not work, No rear wiper. "SECURITY LIGHT" was illuminated permanently. I thought it had something to do with the Passlock or a faulty BCM. Battery would also drain overnight. I overlooked the simplest of things and thought the worst. Now to find out why it had blown.