: Another fuel delivery problem

voodoo cadillac
06-01-04, 04:59 AM
Hello ya'll, I am the owner of a somewhat posessed 67 Caddy De Ville with what has been aledged to be a 429 CI engine. Like the other 2 guys with a "fuel delivery problem", I also had similar starting problems. But the old girl would run, so I drove her, until today. It seems the carb/intake gasket has burnt away. This intake has a port to the exhaust to heat the carb quickly in cold weather that blew the gasket right out. Not only can I not find a gasket set, I'm not sure the old one was installed corectly. Does it take 2 gaskets sandwhiched around the thin stainless plate I found under the carb? I tried a variety of gaskets, but they allowed vaccum & exaust leaks between the carb & intake. She wouldn't pull my socks off. Is there a way to get around this quick warm up crap? Cool Fuel = more HP! Just had a local carb guy rebuild the carb, so I dont think it's the plugs in the carb, he epoxys them too. Help Please! I want to drive!
Thanks in advance for all help, Voodoo

lux hauler
06-01-04, 03:33 PM
NAPA lists one for a '67 429 on their web site.......I believe the price is $3.99.

Does it look like this? That's the one NAPA shows.