: anyone in tampa wana meet on wensday night in st pete?

05-31-04, 08:26 PM
I have 10 days leave here in town till i gota go back to NC for more training and iam plaining on going to sunshine speedway on wensday night. They have street car races, basicly a run what ya brung kinda thing. So if anyone wants to come out and see what they can do in the 1/8 mile let me know, we can meet up for dinner and then head out to the track, would nice to have more than one caddy there.

06-09-04, 04:26 AM
I woulda came out bro, represented for the hometeam.
Only excuses i have is that my flywheel is a little wobbley, ok thats not good enough. i still run it hard. i was broke, there, said it.

Maybe some other time?

06-14-04, 11:09 PM
damn i needed to keep checkin on this area , sorry devildude , i woulda been there for sure