: Block Test Confirms!...or ?

05-16-08, 03:28 PM
My '97 who had conveniently just went about 3k miles past the aftermarket warranty had covered it was now seriously showing signs of blow head gaskets. I remember the same progression on my '96 Eldo'; rough idle at times, piston misfire every now and then, check engine light sometimes, and running hotter and hotter as time goes). It got to where I had to run the full blast heater to keep it from overheating. I took it in and didnt let them screw me around on the diagnosis (cost me like $1k to find out head gaskets last time) and told them what they needed to check. I told them I needed a block test and it only took them a few minutes. They said it started changing colors before the car even got warmed up. So they said...yep, head gaskets. The guy said he didnt want to do the job because of the high likely hood that they would be fixing it again before the guaranteed work was no longer guaranteed. Anyhow, he reccomended another place who wanted to do the job for like $1400. I decided not to put $1400 into a car that trades in @ $2k and all that. Anyhow, my point is......is the block test sure-fire guaranteed diagnosis? Is there anything else that could be wrong here? Im desperate, because of the rolled-in gap insurance, 60 month finance (i know, im a dumb-ass) and after market warranty; I still owe like $6k for it.

05-16-08, 03:36 PM
IMHO, if you still owe quite a bit, and the car itself is in good condition, get the best (quality-wise) headgasket/Timesert job you can find and keep the car. The chances of it lifting heads again after a proper top overhaul are slim and none.

No matter what you do, you'll still owe someone around $6k, so you might as well hunker down and fix a nice ride.

05-16-08, 04:19 PM
If by "block test" you mean a coolant test for combustion byproducts, yeah I think it is pretty accurate.

05-16-08, 05:03 PM
I agree with the previous answers.

If you have it fixed you have a useable car. If you do not fix it what do you have?