: For you saltwater tank lovers

05-15-08, 01:55 PM
Here are some videos of my 90 gallon saltwater tank...2 different videos..1 is mostly corals and the other one is mostly the fish...lemme know what you think =)



Total of 6 minutes with both videos combined.

05-15-08, 04:12 PM
WOW...so cool to have that in the house. Quite a show stopper. But also quite a bit of maintenance and work, I presume.

05-15-08, 06:11 PM
It actually really is timely to maintain. If you have the $$ you could make it easier by getting add on's like an automatic bionic doser, or a RO system direct to the tank, with an auto top off. I dont have those though lol. Water changes is the biggest pain..but not so bad. So yes it is a lot of work...but in the end..it just eases your mind. It def is a show stopper as people who come into my house that is the first thing they go to look at and stand there for like 20 minutes lol. I love it though for my personal enjoyment...its like having a live ocean in your house =)

05-15-08, 07:58 PM
I envy you having such a beautiful display in your home and admire you patience and commitment in maintaining their salt water evironment ......... no small task! When I was in graduate school at the U. of Hawaii East west Center in the mid-1960's I lived at the Waikiki Aquarium (five students were offered cot space, a 4x8 plywood sheet suspended over a display fish tank, mine was over the electric eel tank, in exchange for answering the phones from 6PM to 9Pm once a week). As I had always been interested in marine biology it was (my area of study was Asian Economic Development) it was great opportunity, and living 50 feet from the beach at Waikiki was not a bad benefit either. The aquarianist took those of us who showed an interest under their and taught alot about what was reguired to0 keep all the displays alive and healthy. Ofcourse we had the advantage of drawing sea water continually from the sea.

05-16-08, 12:46 AM
Where is this situated in the house? And is it a "standard" stand-alone tank and base? Again, it's just really stunning.

Our on again, off again few gallon freshwater tanks at home certainly can't compare, hah.

05-16-08, 09:41 AM
IT is situated in my living room...right as you walk in my front door it is on your left. What do you mean standard??? I had gotten the canopy, tank, and stand..3 pieces. I got a really good deal on it and actually sanded it all down and repainted it all. Painted the back of the glass black for a good look =) Metal Halide lighting. Lol I used to have a fresh water also...that is insanely much more easy maintenence...

orconn- damnnnn you lived in hawaii =) im jealous!!! Yea you were right there where all the sea creatures were. You could probably walk in the water and see a lot. I am not so much sure about the corals and anenomes but mmmmmm i wish I could get over there to dive.