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05-14-08, 11:24 PM
I live in Ontario Canada

I bought a 2.5 year old 2006 STS this week and will pick it up tomorrow. It has 30,000 miles on it.

The dealer presses me to buy an underrcoating jo from him. May I please have your comments on this. Also what type of undercoat would be best if I do it.

05-15-08, 09:50 AM
How much will he charge for an undercoating job?? This is something you can do yourself and comes in a spray can. I wouldnt have them do it. They say usually its good to do this if you live in a northern area with snow/salt mix underneath. But if you keep your car garaged and generally clean underneath...then I wouldnt worry about it. Dont waste your $$ because they will charge u more than what you could do it for yourself =) Save your $$ and dupli-color has one out there they offer.

I guess it really depends on if you are going to keep the car for a long time...and how much you worry about possible rust underneath, that would occur probably long while down the road.

05-19-08, 03:13 AM
Undercoating went the way of the Dodo bird when the manufacturers started using corrosion proof materials to build the cars. Undercoating a used car is particularly stupid because it traps the salt and dirt that is already there and makes it impossible to wash off.

05-24-08, 05:06 PM
Don't do it! Cars build today don't need it. I live in New England, all you have to do is flush the underbody regularly to remove any salt, sand and winter grime. Check drain holes in the body/doors make sure they are debris free. For best results use a garden hose- don't rely on an automatic car wash.