: 35's?

05-13-08, 07:50 PM
I was going to put 35" tires on my 03 ext. Will these fit if I use a leveling kit or are they going to rub?

05-13-08, 08:55 PM
My brother has 35's on his Avalanche. He put a 4" or 6" lift kit and they rub.

05-14-08, 07:28 AM
Maybe 33's and they may rub, but for 35's as said you will need a lift kit. I had 36's on a older Blazer with a 6" lift kit, they did not rub but you needed a ladder to get in the truck. ;)

05-15-08, 05:16 PM
Go with the leveling kit that i'm looking at getting. You can find them on ebay. 2" front leveling kit. My buddy installed a leveling kit on his F-150 and he cleared 33's.