View Full Version : New Wheels for my EXT...will they fit?

LA Bean
05-13-08, 07:18 PM
i got new rims for my 02 Escalade EXT w/stock suspension.
the rims are 22x9.5 with Offset of +35.
they were suppose to be offset of +20 but on the box it says +35.
im getting 305/40 seriies tires.
will these wheels stick out?


sam hamm
05-13-08, 08:51 PM
the lower the number the more they stick out. so +35 will actually stick in more.

LA Bean
05-13-08, 09:45 PM
i thought higher the offset the more they stick out??
well i searched the forums and seems +20 is the best offset for clearance and looks so that is what i wanted.
+35 seems to much of a jump from +20