: p1350 & p1375 codes?

05-13-08, 06:26 AM
hi all,

prior to my hg job, i had a problem with the 99 sts caddy:

"intermittently", the tachometer would stop functioning....
while this occurred, the engine would crank several times before it started...
there would be what appeared to be misfires at certain rpms.

This was an intermittant problem before the head gasket job, but certainly was a problem. Now, the problem has appeared again and doesn't appear to be going away. I just finished replacing both crankshaft position sensors with brand new ones tonight. started her up, and the problem persists. This time, it's not intermittant though, it won't go away.

Any ideas on what this might be?
Could it still be associated with the crankshaft position sensors?
Maybe some fuse or relay not functioning to those sensors?

Thanks Again!!!! as for now, I'm going to finally call it a night.

05-13-08, 12:50 PM
i checked manual again for the codes, i'm going to try and inspect the connections from the sensors to the ignition control module. I can't find anything else relating to these codes in the forums or the books, so I must be on the right track to solving the issue.

05-13-08, 02:07 PM
I just checked my '02 manual and those 2 codes don't show up. Maybe '99 specific.

05-13-08, 04:28 PM
I'm posting this as a reference for myself tonight when I get home to troubleshoot the wiring to the CKPS. Also for future reference for anyone else who might have to troubleshoot this issue. Honestly, I should have done this prior to changing the sensors themselves. :banghead:

Ignore the squares that have blue lines highlighting them, those were hyperlinks from the website that i stole the images from.


05-14-08, 08:46 PM

05-14-08, 08:50 PM

ok, so I did all the steps... now I need to figure out how to repair. My result was step #21:

Repair the Crank A High circuit and the Crank A Low circuit shorted together.

Am I to assume, based off of this result that the problem is these wires are cut open somewhere and they are touching possibly another metal piece or themselves? If this is the case, this is basically a... "visually inspect the entire harness that involves these 2 wires and check for wire breakage" kind of job?

Thanks for any Input.

05-16-08, 12:47 PM
Here was the solution to the problem. The picture below displays the old connections to the Crank Shaft Sensors A & B. When the engine was apart, I couldn't see this wiring as it was tucked away under the exhaust manifold and motor motor mount so I didn't inspect it. Very difficult to get to or see. As you can see in the picture, these wires were very old and possibly fried. It looks like, over time, the heat from the manifold caused the wire to become crisp, therefore, where the wires were bent, they wire cover ended up coming off and exposing the inside of the wire. Both sensor wires were cracked to the point they were crossing.

Here is another picture of the wires that were cut. you can see the exposed copper. The wires themselves are very very brittle and easily breakable just by bending.

the new Ignition Control Module connector, or C1 connector as displayed in the book. This connector was loose on the inside, so if the car was running and the wires were moved, the car would either sputter, or die. I replaced the Ignition Control module connector and the crankshaft position sensor connectors by cutting the wire from both ends and creating a whole new harness.

This is the new harness again, I made from scratch. The dealer wanted to charge $150 for the 6 prong connector C1 to the Ignition control module (OMG!!!). I picked up a count of 2 of them, that's $300 worth of connectors, for $7 from the local pick-a-part junk yard. It took about 10 minutes to drive there, and a set of wire cutters with a total of 2 seconds to snip the connector ends and saving myself $300 worth of cheap plastic parts.

After rerouting and connecting the new harness.... codes p1350 & p1375 vanished from sight. Now my engine is a classic smooth Cadillac engine... and also ... my tachometer works. =-)

05-16-08, 01:17 PM
That's high class work. Good catch, good diagnosis. "File for later" info.

10-27-10, 02:46 PM
is there any way we could speak in person, im haveing similar problems. my names dominic frattaroli i drive a 99 sts.

10-27-10, 02:57 PM
is there any way we could speak in person, im haveing similar problems. my names dominic frattaroli i drive a 99 sts.

Dominic, The original poster, Ricky Henry, has not been around for 2 months - this thread is 2.5 years old. Thanks for searching for the information, though...........there is more on CranKshaft Position sensors (CKP) in this Forum and in Seville.

10-27-10, 03:10 PM
Dominic, The original poster, Ricky Henry, has not been around for 2 months - this thread is 2.5 years old. Thanks for searching for the information, though...........there is more on CranKshaft Position sensors (CKP) in this Forum and in Seville.

just had a thought.........Here's a link to Diagnostic Trouble Code definitions - and P1375 and P1350 are in there.

Read the entire page and then use the blue lines in the master Index box to open links to lists of all trouble codes. Save the page address in your bookmarks - you'll need it again and again.


gene g vangemert
04-19-13, 07:45 AM
You can also buy this parts they are standard #98caddeville/tx3a and 98caddeville/S-1351 I found these number Auto value stores have Standard electric parts.

Sampson 82
08-13-14, 12:53 AM
I have same issues same codes... I wonder if my connections are bad also... I guess since my mechanic wants to replace crankshaft sensors and cam sensors anyway maybe ill have him remove connections or at least inspect them.... does anyone believe this is a good place to start , I've already changed Maf sensor so far...still rough idle and tach just went out today..
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Posts 10 and 11 are germane. Depending on the car, year, model, engine - P 1350 and P 1375 may not refer to the CKPs or CMP at all - so you would be wasting $175 in parts and $180 in labor for nothing.