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05-12-08, 06:53 PM

my name is Shawn. i recently purchased a 2000 Seville STS. its pearl white and has 48k miles on the clock. the car is in excellent shape but it IS an 8 year old car. nothing wrong mechanically with the car, interior is in even better shape. drivers side seat shows literally no wear at all. picked it up for $9400.

little background info for me. im 29, married with a child on the way very soon. [ hence the 4 door car ]. i figured if i was gonna buy a used car, it was gonna be nice and have some gonads too. i researched about the car itself and have read these forums for the better part of 6 months to get an idea of what the Seville STS was all about. by the way, the car has the 66-75mph shimmy. no other problems so far.

i plan on keeping the car for a very long time since its so low mileage. i have a carfax on it but it doesnt tell you who had the car. if i had to guess the first owner must have had thier legs cut off because they only managed to put 16k miles on it in 4 years. the next owner put the remaining 30K miles on it over the next 4. that person obviously had legs but must have been afraid to drive at night or something. id take pictures of hte car and post them but the car looks like every other pearl white 2000 Seville STS so i dont see a point.

some people might be scared away from the Northstar's reliability, but if you were paying attention to my screen name youd know that not every engine gets a fair chance. blowing headgaskets isnt a big deal. the Quad4 is extremely reliable once youre past the OEM gsaket.

i like the engine so much, i have 3 Quad4 cars and have owned 4 of them over the past 10 years. the latest Quad4 car i have is a 92 Grand Am. the Quad4 has been rebuilt with 11:1 forged pistons and 226/.410 lift cams [ stock cams are 212 @ 0.050 and .410 lift ] along with a BUNCH of supporting parts to include titanium valve retainers and an 8lb flywheel to name a few. im awaiting a redesigned header then ill be able to get to work on custom tuning the factor ECM.

being the tinkerer i am, im loking to improve the efficiency and performance of this car. its mainly for my wife so i wont be going too far with it. ill come up with some sort of air intake for it since the stock one is ridiculous. i doubt itll help much but it might sound better. the next thing will be a cat-back [ with new cat ]. thats gonna be the hard part cause i dont want the car loud but higher flowing mufflers are louder by design. trade-offs are a pita. finally, a PCM from the AJ fellow whom i see all over the Northstar subforums. he seems to be the only person on the planet with the knowledge and drive to help us guys out.

i think i forgot to tell you why i purchased this car. earlier i said it was for family reasons and thats 100% true, but the REAL reason is that ive been wanting one of these since the 300hp Northstar was released in '94. even as a 16 year old i wanted that car. now, at almost double that age i finally got what i wanted. it might not be the newest, but it is in excellent shape and its in MY name. :sneaky:

05-12-08, 07:09 PM
:welcome5: Congratulations on the new 2U Cadillac. Sounds like you did your research on the car and won't be surprised by anything. If only everyone did that kind of legwork before buying they'd be a lot better off. Thank you for signing up here. And :thepan: for not posting pics. ;)

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05-12-08, 07:32 PM
Welcome aboard! Thank you for signing up!

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Sweet. Good low mileage car like that should be good for awhile. I've always liked that body style, much moreso than the '97-'99. Would have bought one if I didn't have a bad experience with my '98. You did well in researching first, like Rolex said. I didn't which was dumb cause I was already a forum member with my '91 Fleetwood Brougham. You know ahead of time of what may happen and you work on your own cars so IF the need arises you'll be just fine. My buddy had a '91 Grand Am (I think it was a '91) with the quad 4. Pretty quick little car for the time. Good luck!:cool:

05-12-08, 11:19 PM
welcome to the club
and youll love the car

05-13-08, 12:16 PM
NICE BRO!!! :welcome: to the forums!! enjoy your time here as i always do =)

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Welcome to the forums :D

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Welcome to the forum!

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thanks for the warm welcome.

i realize that theres probably not many here that have a Quad4 anymore, but if you need help with a Quad4 or a TwinCam engine, feel free to send me a PM. as i stated earlier, i currently own 3 Quad4 powered cars and have owned 4 total. i am a mod on a Quad4 specific site and have been for quite a long time. i havent read the sites rules about posting other forum links so ill refrain for now. id rather not advertise like that, seems wrong.

back to the STS. ive already modded the car. owned it 2 days and ive already messed with it, lol. i removed the air silencer so my wife could check the tranny fluid without resorting to disassembling 1/2 the engine bay to get at the tranny dipstick. thats such a bad design, have to check it with the engine running but the silencer is right over the damn stick. you cant evern get to it. anyhow, i followed the 2" rubber plug theory but added to it. i bought some rubber cement stuff thats an all purpose pipe glue. says it works on rubber. i cleaned the stock intake opening and the plug with alcohol, let it dry, then plugged it. to top it off, i used the hose clamp that came with it and snugged it on until it juuuust started to deform the plug, then backed off until it wasnt deformed anymore.

i like this mod even though im pretty sure theres zero performance advantage and the car sounds exactly the same. now my wife can check the fluid when im not around. plus, trust me, that sucker is IN THERE. i pushed nearly as hard as i could and the plug did not move.

as far as future mods...wow. the air intake is sad. its a sound design in theory but its very hard to believe that engine gets all the air it needs from the little hole on the bottom. there has to be a better way. i do not want to cut my car and i do not want to have something on my car that looks "out of place" on a cadillac. its always been my opinion that any mod you do to a car should compliment the car, not take it over. additionally any exterior mod should look like a factory option. if you cant tell if its stock or not then its perfect. the exception is wheels, since theres just far too many to apply that to. for exhaust....hrm. i dont want it much louder than stock since the wife will be driving it too. though shes not opposed to a good sound, the earlier statement about close to stock applies too. i dont want to hear a mustang/camaro and see a STS. i guess im looking for a refined sound not a gutteral one. ill also use the stock tips for the sleeper look.

05-13-08, 09:01 PM
best mod period

and theres an air silencer on the bottom as well
pull the inner fender well and youll see a huge box with a U on top
remove it
youll suck in air from the bottom there now as well

05-17-08, 03:42 PM
i'm quad 4 owner since 1994 bought new--less than 100,000 miles-had head done about 6months ago--let me know of any websites to checkout on improvements, 94 2dr achieva

09-28-08, 10:58 PM
wrong post