: carburetor fuel filter thread damaged

05-30-04, 03:37 PM
:( I replaced the fuel filter on my 425 motor the other day and when I put it back in it was at an angle at now it leaks badly. I also must have lost the little ring that is supposed to go around the fitting to "lock" it in place. I tried to get a thread repair kit from autozone but it was too small. I also tried teflon tape but no good. What are my options? I cannot find a gasket big enough to go around this 1" fitting nor can I find a thread repair kit big enough. It's been suggested that I epoxy the filter housing in place and install an inline filter. Please help!

05-30-04, 05:04 PM
If you stripped the threads on the carb itself, I don't know if you can do much to fix that! I always put an inline fuel filter on my Q-jet Cads, so yes, you could epoxy the fuel inlet into the carb, then hook up an inline filter.
The gasket you are missing is in carb rebuild kits, you could try and get one from there, or try a junkyard for a used one.

05-31-04, 04:19 AM
inline filter.

06-01-04, 12:11 AM
Thanks for the responses guys, I ended up getting some thread sealant and tightening it down. Seems to have done the trick.

06-01-04, 12:42 AM
Glad to hear you fixed it, but keep an eye on it. Gasoline eats through a lot of stuff, so make sure it doesn't start leaking again on a hot engine.