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05-10-08, 01:52 AM
I have been trying to figure out how to put a cd player in the cadillac with any electrical problems since i got the car. I have an aftermarket cd player but I can't find a wiring harness that won't cause problems. So I have two ideas 1. Found a few stock cd players (99 deville and 98 eldorado) would either work? 2. Add a stock cd changer any problems associated with that? I don't mind doing some wiring for any of it I'm just sick of not having a cd player. Also any way of hooking up an aftermarket rockford fosgate amp to factory radio?

05-21-08, 03:24 PM
What kind of wiring issues are you having? There are plenty of ways to hook up a amp and speakers to a factory radio. You can go to radio shack, best buy (or some place like that) and purchase a rca converter. That allows you to not have to cut your speaker wires in the back for the rca's. You will still need to hook up a power wire, ground wire, and a remote wire. I believe that this is the easiest way. I am sure that some will disagree but it is for me =). Also I am sure that those radios would work as long as you had the wiring harness. You would need to splice into the wiring on the the car in order to use those other radios. Hope this helps.