: DTS meltdown

05-10-08, 12:47 AM
I purchased my 2003 DTS new. The car is black in color w/black interior. It came with super low profile tires and spoked wheels. On my trip home I felt as though I was driving a logging truck. With the last eight Cadillac's that I've owned through the years I've always installed Vouge Tyres.
To accomodate these tires I had to purchase another set of smaller size Cadillac wheels. The white wall w/golden stripe tires make the car really stand out. The result was a smooth ride. I believe that a Caddie should be like having a sofa, with power.
Six months ago while driving along, with the windows closed, the passenger door glass suddenly fell down into the door. The dealer had to replace the window regulator and charged me $400.? The warranty had expired.
Five months ago the "get service soon" warning light lit. The dealer said that the catalitic converter was faulty and needed replacement. That was covered under the warranty.
Three months ago, while driving with the windows closed, the drivers door glass crashed down, inside the door. As before, I had to come up with some $400? for repair. Who ever heard of windows falling down? 99.99% of the time, all the windows have been closed.
A week ago, while driving on a trip, some 60 miles away from home, the "get service soon" light lit. I pulled over, lifted the hood and could smell overheating. The temperature gauge had never moved from its normal 12 o'clock position. I allowed the car time to cool down. The expansion tank was void of coolant. I started pouring in the Prestone. The full gallon brought the level up to the "warm" line.
Allowing the car to idle, I checked for coolant leaks, there were none. I could see that neither of the cooling fans were running. I metered at the fuse box for fan power to the fuses and the relays. They were all dead. I fabricated fused link wire and 'hot wired' a fan relay to high speed, to have engine cooling. Ten miles from home, I could see in my rear veiw mirror, a light billowing of a steam trail. The gauge remained at 12 o'clock.
The next morning I started the car and numerous sounds were heard. The first, during engine turn over was a gut wrenching lower end clanking. Then, came sounds like loud lifter noises. I delivered the car to my dealer for an estimate on repair. The quote came to about $10,300.! The actual total amount couldn't be determined until an engine long block replacement was in place.
I might understand these failures if I used the car 'off roading' or the odometer mileage had reached 100K but the car had be pampered. It was garage kept, dealer serviced, driven 4.8 miles from home to work and taken on occational trips. The total mileage reads 23,100. It's turned out to be an expensive ride. I may zip off the top and turn it into a planter display in my office entry way. It would be a real conversation piece!

05-13-08, 05:49 AM
The quote came to about $10,300.!


Holy cow! I wouldn't know whether to :histeric: or :crybaby:.

05-17-08, 05:09 PM
I purchased my 2003 DTS new. The car is black in color w/black interior. It came with super low profile tires and spoked wheels. On my trip home I felt as though I was driving a logging truck.

Sorry L88hotrodder:

Hindsight is almost always 20/20, but you failed to make some evaluations immediately, when the car drove like logging truck.

The glass mishaps are a major Cadillac issue, it involves the track, and the attachment cement, it dries out over time. GM should have had that issue fixed since 1984, but because it didn't cause major problems, except the loss of $400 or so, it was no real big issue to them. This is one of the reasons, while Cadillac is telling everyone, that it wants to build a "World Class" Luxury Car, in truth its only selling a tarted up Chevy. No lasting quality whatsoever!

My belief is that engine problem was there from before you got the car,and had probably already been diagnosed, you might obtain a CARFAX report to document it, if you purchased the car from a dealer where you can get some recourse for the monies already spent.

I just hate it, when someone has spent good hard earned money, and the item of choice is of no use, other than an expensive planter.

Best Wishes for a better outcome.