: Customer Satisfaction

05-09-08, 01:44 PM

It started off last friday, my wifes '02 lade was due for an oil change. I brought it to the dealer that morning to have that service done, and also to have the alternator/battery diagnostic check, because the voltage meter in the '02 was showing 17, rather than 14/14.5

Anyways, I get a call around noon that the truck was done and was ready for pick up. I left work and went back to pick it up. Next day my wife drove it to run errands and the Oil Light came on! It was now saturday, so the service dept was closed. I had to wait until monday morning to call.

I called and explained what happened and the service guy said the computer doesnt even show that the truck even had an oil change!! Yikes! So he told me to bring it in, which I did on tuesday!

I brought it in, and asked if I can get it done for free, since it wasnt my mistake, and that I am taking time off work to bring it in and pick it up, which I dont get paid for... Best he could do was give me 10% off... Whoop de doo.

After the oil change was done, I filled out the customer satisfaction card that we get from each time we bring it in for service work, and explained everything that happend, and that I wasnt too happy about it, because the job wasnt done the first time that I specifically requested. And that it also costs me to take some of my time from work to come back, etc.

Well, I got a call today from the service guy to let me know that the next oil change is going to be for Free!

Now that made my day! I am not trying to make a huge deal to save me $50 for an oil change, etc.. Its just that I believe it wasnt MY fault and that the customer should always be satisfied.. Note: I am a regular customer that bring in both of my trucks to this dealer everytime its due for maintenance, or any work that needs to be done...

Well, now that they called me back, I feel that they really DO care for thier customers, so I just wanted to say that i'm glad to be one of their customers...

Thanks to Vic Alfonso in Portland, Oregon. :thumbsup:

05-09-08, 01:49 PM
i would be more worried about the fact the oil light came on!! was it the oil life index or the oil pressure light???

05-09-08, 01:50 PM
That is good, my Caddy dealership calls after any visit to make sure all is well, makes you feel like they care. :)

05-09-08, 02:22 PM
My dealer in STL is awesome too, Bommarito Cadillac. They replaced both of my factory fog lights because dummy me put silverstar bulbs in there and melted the silicone and the lenses fell off. Now I have the Xenon in there and with the brand new lights I can't be happier!! :)

They are also ordering a new center console cupholder for me. The wood grain is peeling off. They stated that this piece is not typically warrantied (what the heck is bumper to bumper for) but they will go ahead and replace it for me.

All their service writers are great guys!

05-10-08, 08:31 AM
Why did the light come on? In my old Jeep the light came on after going to my local Goodyear for an oil change due to the fact that the idiots drained the old oil without replacing it with new oil. Thank God I was only about a mile away and no damage sustained. Dunno long term since I sold it to purchase me Lade. God Bless, Joe