: 2002 Escalade EXT in spain with a problem!!

05-09-08, 11:38 AM
Hi Guys, i hope somebody will be able to help me! I have a 2002 EXT with 58,000 miles on it running 22"s and all was fine until 3 days ago and the speedo, rev counter and a few smaller dials stopped working as did the mileometer and the gear indicator in fact the only things working where the oil gauge and battery gauge and the "service engine soon" light stays on.....and the auto gearbox wont shift itself. I can drive it by manually shifting but if i put it in auto it barely drags its self along! I have taken it into our nearest GM dealer (here in spain there are no Cadillac dealers!) who have had it for 2 days and dont seem to have a clue! Any ideas??....Ah i must say that as i was driving it to the dealers the instruments flicked on and worked for a second or two and then just died again!!

05-10-08, 08:18 PM
Possible ignition switch..

05-12-08, 03:23 AM
Thanks...I will mention it to the dealers when i speak to them today. When i asked on friday they thought it was a problem with the gearbox solenoids but didnt sound to confident!! I thought they would just plug the diagnostic equipment in and read off the fault codes...but it doesnt seem to be as simple as that!

Lucky in Jamaica
05-13-08, 05:35 AM
Ola bassboy,
I am so sorry for your trouble. I can offer you no help, save my sympathy. I too shipped an Escalade out of the country where there is no readily available tech II to read codes and assist in repairing the vehicle. Glad to know that someone else knows how I feel, though. So far, I have only had minor problems, thank God! I know that there will be more trouble to come. I've gotten some great help from this forum board and even an offer from someone to come and fix my truck personally if the situation is not resolved. Trust me, one day, it may come to that--paying for someone to fly down with tools and parts. I intend to keep driving/riding in my amazing truck for EVER. I know it isn't right to love a "thing" so much, but oh well, so it goes. At least I love the best!
I'll be thinking of you, praying you work out your trouble. I spent my 30th birthday in Sitges (not sure if I spelled that right?) on the coast of Spain, a beautiful train ride outside Barcelona. Your country is magical. The people smile on the street and greet complete strangers with genuine warmth. I would siesta in the afternoon, eat dinner (fresh seafood that delightfully compares to the creatures of the Caribbean) at 10pm and dance until way after midnight every night! Driving in a Cadillac, on 22's no less, in Spain must feel very special. Good luck and God Bless!

05-13-08, 07:01 AM
Thanks Lucky!

Yep its a great Truck in a great country but the dealer service sucks!! Still waiting to find out if they can even diagnose the problem!!

Will let you know!

05-16-08, 05:12 AM
Well just to let you know I got my EXT back from the dealers yesterday and they have fixed it but charged me 600 euros (about 900 dollars!!) All labour apart from a fuse as they said it was some problem with a wire from the instrument panel to the gearbox controller.

Still at least its back on the road!!