: Pioneer Z1 in Cadillac Seville

05-09-08, 09:26 AM
I recently bought a Avic Z1 from somebody
I bought a Axxess (GMOS-06) wire harness for my 99' Cadillac Seville.
I color matched all of the wire, except the mute and power antenna wires.
Now i installed the system and when its turned on everything works fine. but there is a few problems.
- When i tryed to connect my Treo 755wx to the system i cant connect because i dont know the code. I tryed "0000" and "1111" which is usually the figures, but that doesnt work. When i try to reset the password in the phone settings, I can't because everything is dimmed out. Everything except "call favorites" is highlighted.
- As a matter of fact many of the buttons are dimmed out. Such as the Navigation, I cannot select "Go to" or many other buttons on the unit. I cannot do the "system restore" on the options because that is dimmed out also.
I already did a rest by holding the map button on start up but that did not fix the problem. I also did the update from the Panasonic website. Nothing helped.

Can somebody please Help!!

05-09-08, 12:58 PM
you dont have the VSS wire hooked up
the car thinks your in motion when your not
so it locks out features that aren't available in drive