: After Timesert HG Repair Service Schedule?

05-09-08, 05:59 AM
So here's one I haven't seen covered in any of the rebuilding threads yet. Any recommendations on altered/accellerated service after completing a rebuild job? When I get my STS back it will have had new HGs with Timeserts, 2 replaced exhaust cams and lifters and the halfcase seal leak repair. Particularly with the replaced cams I am wondering if I should advance the oil/filter change schedule. Also, Sub suggested using diesel 10-W-30 in this thread:

and after coughing up a couple paychecks for this job I'd rather be safe than sorry - but so far I have not been able to find any 10-W-30 that claims any different formulation for diesel. Although I haven't had much time to look either, mostly at the big box stores or club outlets - haven't tried an auto parts store yet. Been spending too much time at the local builders supply. Seems like I get way more use out of the nail gun than the impact wrench anymore. But I digress. Anyway, just curious on if those of you who have done rebuilds did anything different immediately after they were done. TIA

05-09-08, 09:57 AM
None of the oils I mentioned says much of anything about "different" formulations on the jug. Look for two things: The absence of the starburst "Energy Conserving Gasoline Engine" label on the front label and, on the back, near the service designator bullseye (SL, SM) the addition of the letters CC, CD (commercial diesel), CJ-4, CI-4PLUS, CF-4/SL/SM. I don't have any Shell Rotella diesel or Chevron Delo diesel oils here now, but the Pennzoil Long Life 10W-30 clearly states that it is intended for severe service in fleet gasoline and diesel applications. The website, after you drill down to individual oil specs, shows that the Long Life line carries around 1400 ppm ZDDP as opposed to less than half that in the regular Energy Conserving automobile oils.

There shouldn't be any need to change service intervals......the head gasket design flaw has been corrected, and the improper hardening of the cam lobes has been corrected. Just as in any other cam installation, some last forever and some fail. Flat tappet (non-hydraulic) lifters in OHV engines generally are the worst for wear, but there are exceptions there, too.

BTW, My local Western Auto store carries a staggering variety of automotive and marine lubricants, but then I live on an island surrounded by private and commercial boat operations. We buy Pennzoil 15W-40 Long Life by the 55 gallon drum.

05-09-08, 11:35 AM
I feel better if the first oil change after major surgery is performed quickly, between 500 and 1000 miles. After that it's the normal schedule. I like to get any sludge,crud, metal particles, or antifreeze out of the engine.

:cloud9:It may only be to make me feel better but it does do that!:cloud9:

05-09-08, 05:53 PM
Absolutely nothing wrong with an early oil-filter change after an overhaul. Cut the filter open, take the media out, pull it apart and squeeze the pleats dry in a vise. Open 'em like an accordion. Prepare to have a heart attack looking at all the chips, gasket pieces, grit, and sealant globs.

05-09-08, 09:50 PM
I have always been in impressed with the flat tappet cam break in proceedure. The one that has you start up and keep the RPM's above 2500 for the first 30 min to assure ample lubrication. Are you fishing for a similar recommendation for your new cams. I don't have an answer for you.

To address the ZDDP situation, I purchased some EOS from the local GM dealer. I was exspensive, about $27 for a pint.
As soon as I introduced the EOS to my 02 Deville, It rewarded me with a P01860 code. I know there is no connection, but I am pissed.
I have considered the fact that the N* does not have roller cams, and your experience with the cam failure in my descision to use the EOS.

Good luck with the Seville. It took some time to get it done. I am interested in the name of the guy in E. Providence who performed the surgury.

I am currently in Milwaukee on business and I am meeting AJ and Highline Caddy at the Great Lakes Dragway tomorrow for their attempt to get into the 13's with the 02 DHS.

05-09-08, 10:16 PM
I have considered the fact that the N* does not have roller cams
Pre 2000's don't. 2000+ does.

05-10-08, 07:07 AM
Thanks to all for the input. I was debating driving it home and changing the oil as soon as it gets in the garage but I think I'll do ~500 miles first. Blue Eldo: I'll PM you the surgeon info.