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Cad Buff
05-08-08, 07:46 PM
Hi all. Newbe here and can spend hours here. Tons of great info and tips, not to mention all kinds of goodies to.

Looking for set of dog bones for my '98 Eldo. Local Srv. Mgr. at dealership recommended I do a web search and save some bucks. What other Cad dealer would be that cool with their customers? Luv it. This seems like the place. Looking forward to any direct you can offer. Thanks :cool2:

05-08-08, 08:51 PM
Check Lindsay Cadillac, a supporting vendor on the right side >>>>>>>>>
or http://www.gmotors.com
http://www.rockauto.com may have them, but I'm not sure

BTW, they are technically called torque struts

05-09-08, 10:25 PM
im making some out of 6061-T651 aluminum...stock bolt center-to-center distance but more material all around (basically solid bar with radiused edges) and a stainless steel bushing sleeve. pretty stout parts and will be 100% solid with zero give...

We'll see how the car likes them. they will be installed this weekend.

Once i have the parts installed, i will take the rough profile they have and attempt to come up with a marketable design that is both strong and visually appealing. Also there would be 2 versions...one solid, and another with poly bushings.

i'm contemplating purchasing a mill for the house not just for this purpose, but for other jobs as well. I do have a crew here at work that i could have program this on the side for a CNC mill...hell i could pitch it to my boss as a way to utilize scrap. we'll see how it all goes though...dreaming big! lol