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05-08-08, 12:06 PM
ok im a new member so i thought ide introduce my self to every one hear . Im 26 years old i live in milan il for right now and i am the proud owner of a 1990 cadillac sedan deville i bought the car when i was 21 with 100,000 miles on it since then ive put about 50,000 or so on it . Right now its on it 2nd engien and trans mainly cause when i first got the car i thought v8 oooo i can street race in this little did i know that spining tires in a front wheal drive is bad on the trans well i blew and when it did it took out the engien with it by shooting a peice in to it takeing out a 1 in by 3 in peice of the block but 2 years and 1,100 latter its back on the road -the ac compresser yeah its a little uncomfortable in the summer but i got about 2-3 more hp that along with the CAI from Evoluzione Enginering and thire ground stabilizer system and 2 cherrybomb trubo mulfars custom instal ide say i got close to 200hp mabey more mabey less. Well just wanted to introduce my self and tell all of you about my car :nothing2add:

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:cowboy: Howdy.

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welcome to the forums :welcome: enjoy the free advice =)

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Welcome to the forums

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Welcome to the forums!! :welcome: