: The Lincoln has retired from daily driver status....

Night Wolf
05-08-08, 09:46 AM
......and the Isuzu is back in white....

It's been over 6 months, and took place at two different houses..... over much debate I got tired of seeing the truck sitting in the driveway and wanted to do something about it.

So the reasons why I havn't put it back together yet....

-Once the head was removed, #4 piston was chipped from headgasket... figured it would have to be replaced, which means rebuild whole engine, or replace engine
-all parts were thrown in a box durring the move, nothing was organized or labeled, looking at everything became overwhelming.

Reason why I decided to put it back together....

-I got tired of looking at it sitting there
-Really didn't care what the outcome was, as long as the engine was in one piece... figured it would be easier to swap in a reman long block
-I really, really missed driving a 5spd... and this was the cheapest and most practical way to drive one again.... this was actually probably the #1 reason. Now I have something to tow my trailer with.

So after Church, all day Sunday I worked on the Town Car... replaced front rotors and pads, rear pads and rear sway bar links... didn't do the '98+ upgrade, but still, no more vibrations, stops really nice now... and those rear sway bar links.... WOW what a difference in handling!

So then I was feeling pretty good being that I got all that done... so I told myself, I am just going to put the 2.6 back together, I have a full factory Isuzu gasket set I bought off a forum member, I really didn't think it was even going to run.... piston was chipped, I never took the head to a shop to get cleaned and checked... I also didn't put my low-end torque cam in, I'll probably end up selling it or something. When wrestling the headgasket/intake manifold on the block, the gasket kept moving and the dowl pin chewed it up a little... but.. I didn't care, so on it went.... for a while I thought the new gasket was damaged and causing it to leak... but... seems to be fine.

End result? the thing runs great, starts right up, in fact everything seems to be the exact same way it was, I've already put over 100 miles on it... I couldn't believe it myself. It's pretty much done now, just a few final things like putting a couple pullies on, connecting the AIR pump, p/s pump and A/C compressor... right now I just have the alternator and waterpump connected with a belt... I also don't have the cooling fan on it, so if it sits idling for several minutes it'll start to get hot... as long as it's moving it's fine.

It's awesome to have it back though, I really missed driving it, and I enjoy the utility... plus I can now tow my trailer... but it is just really fun to drive a 5spd again. Tires only had less then 500 miles on them too... so I get to enjoy them again..... 6 months.... long time.

Anyway, here is the video I took of it the last time it ran, with the blown head gasket, at the old rented house.


Before anything came off:


exhaust manifold, valve cover (and all the things bolted to it) front pullies/belts and timing belt cover removed...


where the h/g blew:



Then I found the chipped piston, which is what really put a hold on things. If it was to come out, it could be done with the block in the truck, but it would be alot of work, so I started looking around for a parts truck with good engine, or engine for sale... I really thought it would give me problems.




Also found this when I took the intake manifold off the head... only reason for that was because I was going to bring it to a shop to get cleaned up, milled down and my cam installed. Not sure what, if any role this had...



So fast forward to this past Monday... here it is... pulled it at the end of the driveway a couple weeks ago with the Cub.... tarp is over it to keep it dry, the soft top will leak in heavy rain, so I figured it's gonna sit for awhile, keep it dry.


Yup.... not much has changed in 6 months.... man I got tired of looking at that


Factory hone pattern :) 135k is when the head gasket let go.... The fact that the engine was never able to get to operating temp, or anything above "C" before I bought it may have had something to do with it, I dunno tho.... head gaskets are semi-common on the 2.6.... though it is pretty much the only problem with them and normally it's not that big of a deal. Now that I did it, it really isn't too bad.


there it is again


Yup, everything is thrown in boxes.... isn't this the perfect way to do major engine work?


Night Wolf
05-08-08, 10:15 AM
Other reasons why I decided to put it together... I've read stories about people in other countires doing major engine and vehicle work on off-road trips with minimal tools and parts.... then at work I see entire airplanes get taken apart and put back together then fly away.... so I asked myself how hard would it really be to put the head back on the engine? Then all of a sudden it didn't seem so bad.

Well, atleast I numbered and kept the head bolts in order.... yeah I reused them.... they are reuseable, tho alot of people would say to get new ones... at this point, I really didn't know if it would run.


bigger parts that didn't fit in a box...


Ah yes, good ol solid adjustable lifters.... old school mixed with new school


this bad boy got a good scraping with the razor, cleaned with carb cleaner and that was it.... same with the block....


married together after 6 months apart.... making progress...


The factory Isuzu gasket set.... $63 shipped, couldn't beat it at all, I only used the head gasket, intake and exhaust manifold gasket and the valve cover/nut gaskets... so I've still got the others... good to have, I can add it to my box of 2.6 parts.


more parts


still more parts...


the old timing belt had 14k on it, I replaced it when I first got the truck... original belt had 120k on it, still looked ok. But, I figured I would replace it anyway... plus I sorta chewed it up taking it off, either way, that belt was long gone... This factory Isuzu timing belt (age unknown) was given to me in a box of 2.6/Isuzu parts by a forum member at our Florida Ocala meet, I asked about using the belt, they said it would be fine... and when I took it out of the shrink wrap it looks brand new... factory too...


Got the head on and torqued....


timing belt and components on...



it was dark and my lighting was limited, I figured it was a good place to stop for the night... I felt acomplished for the day...


With a new day ahead of me, I got it all back together by noon, then played with it... did 3 oil changes, flushed the coolant.... for a while I thought the new head gasket was leaking somewhere, but it was just all the old stuff still floating around in the oil and whatnot.... I drained out all the old oil after I ran seafoam thru the engine to help clean it out, changed the filter and filled it back up.... oil looks normal, I'll change the current oil/filter in 1,000 miles, run more seafoam thru the engine before the change (that stuff is awesome) but I think it'll be fine.

I drove it over 100 miles, took it to work yesterday.... wide open throttle and redline shifts and it's holding up fine. I still need to put the last few things on, I am getting used to no power steering, and I don't use A/C, I prefer windows (unless it is crazy hot out) the check engine light is on, but I bet its because the AIR pump is not connected.... and... as long as I don't sit idling for several minutes, the coolant temp stays 1/3rd the way up the gauge, just as it always has.... still tho, so close to completely done I am going to put it all back together.

Here it is currently... runs great, starts right up, same amount of power (really not all that bad) in fact it seems exactly as I remember it.... Not bad at all considering I didn't even think it would start...



Night Wolf
05-08-08, 10:22 AM
I took a video of the very first startup, waiting for it to upload then I can post it... kinda cool... to me atleast.

So this means that the Lincoln is back to sitting for a long time... too bad I don't have a garage or carport to park it in, I'll probably cover it tho. She has almost 111k on her now, short 6-month spurt if getting alot of miles on it. I've had the Isuzu 7 months longer then the Town Car, but I put 17k on the Lincoln and 14k on the Isuzu. But, with me not driving to Tampa/Clearwater twice a month (why I bought the Town Car) it'll really sit as I use the Isuzu for all my normal driving. So, atleast the car is in great shape, and now that it rests I can take my time on fixing all the little things, mostly cosmetic with it. I thought about selling it, but it's not worth it to me, everything is fixed on it, and I really like having 2 vehicles, for when things like this happen. Plus, it is an awesome highway cruiser, when I go to visit my parents (3.5hrs) away, or when I start to take weekend trips somewhere (once projects around the house calm down) or just to drive a luxury car... it definitly has it's place... and while I enjoyed using it as a daily driver... I am glad to have the Isuzu back doing it's part again :)

05-08-08, 11:14 AM
[QUOTE=Night Wolf;1508628]


Just cause they use Isuzus for everything under the sun in 3rd world countries doesnt mean using one to pull a plow is a good idea in Georgia.

05-08-08, 12:03 PM
If I were you, I'd drive the TC 1 or 2 days a week and not let it sit for that long. Funny things can happen if a car sits for extended periods...

Night Wolf
05-08-08, 06:10 PM
lol, the harrow was under there to stay somewhat dry, as I am pretty much out of covered storage right now.

Yeah, the Lincoln will get used on my weekends, I'll probably miss driving it and want to drive it somewhat often.

Funny thing tho, they both get pretty much the same gas mileage..... around town and to work and back (mostly 45-55mph driving, 8 miles each way) they will both get around 20mpg, the Isuzu may have a slight edge tho.... and on the highway the Lincoln will get up to 27mpg, best I've got out of the Isuzu is about 24..... so it's really not going to be a big difference in gas mileage... Isuzu has the bigger tank tho, 22gallons vs 20.

The startup video finished uploading, I did cut it down to about 10sec of the actual start, but then figured I'll just put the whole video up... heh, I really didn't think it was going to start....