: How Do I Identify A Good Cadillac Dealer?

05-30-04, 12:26 AM
I'm wondering if anyoneknows how a customer can indentify a cadillac dealer that has a good reputation for customer service. Lexus, for example has their "elite" dealers who proudly display their status in their showrooms. This signifies that they have been rated exceptional in surveys of their customers by Lexus.

Chevrolet has something similiar for their dealers...does Cadillac have anything like that?

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05-30-04, 08:00 AM
1 - Ask the salesperson and service manager to see their service ratings from GM. One local Chevy dealer has their ratings along with all the others in the area to show that they rank on top. However, it's always good to remember the old adage about salespeople only lying when their lips are moving and when they're not.

2 - Walk the dealer lot when they are closed and look at the window stickers in the new cars. If they have those extra stickers listing paint protectant, fabric protectant, etc., just walk away. Their specialty is extracting $$ from your pocket and it probably doesn't stop at the new car showroom.

3 - Ask other Cadillac owners at work, in your neighborhood, at church, barber shop, etc.

4 - There are more and more Cadillac owners on this forum, so post your city and state here.

05-30-04, 10:13 AM
As an ex-car salesman, I can tell you EXACTLY what to do !
One morning, arrive at the dealership around 8:30 to 9:15AM. Park your arrival car off in the distance somewhere - where it's not in anyone's way. Go into the dealership and find your way to the customer waiting room. Enter & take a seat, just as though you would, if your car was IN for service. Nobody except YOU will know that it is NOT. There will be customers in there, sipping coffee and reading the paper(s). After you are seated for a moment of two or three, speak up and address a woman, if available and ask her:

Excuse me, but I'd like to ask you a question. Thsi is my first time here, and could you tell me, "How's the service here" ~ ?

Trust me on this, within 15 seconds, 75% of the people sitting there will "tell all" you need to know. When you are finsihed, just get up and walk out and go outside and walk to your car.

You can also call the BBB Better Business Bureau, and inquire as to consumer complaints lodged against the dealer. If there are just a few - like 2 or 3 or 4 don't pay in any mind, as therer are always people out there that cannot be satisified no matter what, but if there are more than, say 5 over a period of 1-year, I'd look elsewhere.

Like said above, added costs on an addemdium-sticker on the window sticker for "stuff" is a bad sign.

You'd be surprised how people appreciate honesty. I sold many people a car at a higher price than another dealer wanted, as I was honest & forthright, and didn't play mind games.

The Waiting Room Question & Answer Period really sheds alot of light, for a small time investment, and you get it 1st hand :D

05-30-04, 10:20 AM
Sandy has a good suggestion, also ask for referrals from current owners. The comparable Cadillac awards are the Master Dealer award, and also look for a dealer who participates in a program called Standards for Excellence. These generally signify dealers with a serious commitment to their customers.

In regard to the service issue, I would suggest looking for a dealer who is either stand alone, or only one other GM line. The techs in these stores will in general be more familiar with the Cadillac line than at a dealer who sells seven or eight cars a year.

05-30-04, 11:44 AM

Those are some excellent suggestions..especially the one about visiting the customer waiting lounge and asking the customers there.
I'm in Waukesha, Wisconsin, near Milwaukee, and I made a bad mistake when I bought from my local dealer...Russ Darrow Cadillac. After reading the responses above, all of the warning signs were there. The only one I noted before my purchase was the "dealer added" stickers on all of the cars on their lot. Heck..I special ordered my CTS, it came in from cadillac with the invoice clearly labled "retail sold", and they still slapped 9,000 worth of "dealer added" crap onto it without even letting me know my car had come in.

05-30-04, 05:15 PM
I hate dealer added stickers and/or nearly worthless additions, in order to "up" the price. It's just plian WRONG :helpless:

However, in defense of dealers, here's the problem. GM (or Ford or Chrysler) will dictate how many of a ~HOT~ car you are gonna get. (This is decided by how many you are programmed (by GM, Ford or Chrysler) that you will be able to move, based upon many factors, one of which is POLITICS! You'd better believe it.

So, okay....now (we'll say, for an example) XYZ Cadillac is approved by the "big shots" to receive 24 CTS cars for the year. They cannot get more! Cry, kick, scream, hollar.....they cannot get more! Now, as a dealer/salesman (either / or - choice) do you prostitute the car and sell for $200.00 over dead invoice? Or, do you try & make as much as you can on each one? Remember, you aren't getting anymore, until 2005.
That's the reason they add all the gobbly gook on them! To build up the price, to make a profit of around $1,200 per unit.

Now, if as a dealer, you sucked up all year to the decession makers, you'll get more than your share of CTS, so then you can sell them for cheaper....and it's not necessarily the big dealers (read: Volume) that get more. Alot of them sell so many cars, that they tell the "decession makers" where to go all the time.
It's usually the real old tyme dealers that get the breaks. Those around since 1960 or so.

05-30-04, 09:27 PM
I like rating dealers by their sales staff and service staffs attitudes. When I go to my dealer I like the way that they make you feel comfortable, offering beverages and food. And I like the way at my dealer most of the guys there have no problem striking up a conversation with you about your car or anything else on their lot. You can always tell when they talk BS but there are ones who dont.. I myself feel my dealer tends to stay away from BS. I didnt even buy the car new from them and when I took it in the service manager had no problem taking 20 min complimenting the car and telling me the history of it and the owner before.

05-31-04, 04:21 PM
Good dealership has... no salesmen with geasy mustaches and slicked hair. But seriously, the 'good' dealers according to me are the ones that treat you right, even if you are picking up a $5 part from the parts dept. Small sale or big sale, they would want you back so a good one will treat you right. See if they talk down to you when talking with them also. A way to see if they are knowledgeable about their products in the parts dept. is to tell them you need a part from a 60 Special - see if they look at you funny or not.

05-31-04, 04:37 PM
knowledgeable about their products in the parts dept. is to tell them you need a part from a 60 Special - see if they look at you funny or not.
That's plain cruel, JH :nyanya:

06-01-04, 03:57 AM
First time I called one dealer that was a Cadillac and Olds dealer, I said the part and that it was a '93 Sixty special...10 seconds passed as he went through the computer looking for the part...what model was that again? And thats an Oldsmobile in what year again? Idiots.

06-01-04, 07:38 AM
Well, the problem is {as I suspect you know} the fact that the very first usage of "Sixty Special" was in 1938. It continued, uninterrupted until 1973, when the name was put to rest. Now, 1973 was 31 years ago, meaning that a 30 year old man, in 1973, would today be 61 and probably retired. Therefore close to 100% of those working in a Caddy dealership, have never heard of the model. So, for 1993 they reactivate the name for a single year, and a mere 5,292 are sold. In 1993, according to Automotive News, there were 1,500 Caddy dealers in America, so perhaps each dealer sold 3 or 4 Sixty Specials for the year. If you blinked, you missed it.
Now.....had they sold as the new CTS is,then their be a better chance that they'd know what it is. I'd be willing to bet that if tomorrow they pulled the plug on the CTS, stopped all production, immediately that in 2036 nobody would remember it as well.
NEXT TIME, tell them the part you need is for a 1993 Sixty Special COUPE !!! It **IS** listed in their parts book !!!! The most unique part would be the front seat (cloth or leather) covering or the fender skirts.
Then, you'll see them :bonkers: