: Another reason to finish college...

05-29-04, 11:46 PM
I guess I'm on Cadillac's mailing list or something. I got a nice look at the final STS.
Here's some scans from the brochure:

They pushed the lights back and brought the grille out.


A tap shifter!

RWD, ZF steering, magneride.

Looks sharp.

Equivalent of Lexus/Infiniti/BMW/MB's Intelligent Key.
Equivalent of Infiniti's radar cruise.

I -love- the traditional stacked controls.
None of that weird high-mounted center pod silliness.


Notice the nose was pulled out.
Lights pushed back.
Nice clean tail.


More pics:


Chuck C
05-30-04, 12:13 AM
very nice...more exciting than the many photos circulating about the web. Yet, while comparing , I see no changes between to the other photos and these. I do see a nice spoiler tho :)

05-30-04, 12:17 AM
People gripe that it looks like the CTS, but look at BMW and MB. C->E->S-class look similar except in side. 3-series->5-series->7-series (until recently) all looked VERY much alike except their size. And that consistently conveys the brand's virtues, unlike Lexus which seems confused.


05-30-04, 02:26 AM
Wow, nice pics! I think my opinion of this car has changed for the better. My Dad won't be too happy that his '03 DTS will be a little underpowered compared to this, but still acceptable with 300 hp. I must go see if I can get this brochure.

05-30-04, 09:44 AM
Great find. Thanks for posting.

05-31-04, 12:32 AM
This car matches my LS feature-wise, im very eager to see pricing

05-31-04, 10:18 AM
I am too... This looks like it could be the break caddy was looking for.. I like it better than the new Q45, M45, and LS..... I also cant wait to see how depreciation hits them..

It does look kinda like a CTS, but you can tell its not a CTS..... Gotta love push button start.....

05-31-04, 10:57 PM
This has changed my opinion on it too...

06-02-04, 02:50 AM
For all of you who complain about line-up similarities:

take a look at this A4 (top) and A6 (bottom)

http://www.audiusa.com/common/images/2004_gallery6_a430_lg.jpg http://www.audiusa.com/common/images/2004_gallery6_a630_lg.jpg

06-02-04, 03:02 AM
I also cant wait to see how depreciation hits them.

There would be NO depreciation if they made fewer of them to keep them exclusive, and if people didn't wimp out and sell or trade them after one or two years because they are bored with it. Remember, depreciation is NOT a reflection of a cars quality. :shhh: