: 2008 Escalade Wireless Headsets

05-07-08, 04:35 PM
Is there a secret to getting the wireless headsets to work on the 2008 Escalade? I have attempted to get them to work on several occassions and they have only worked once and that was when people were in the back trying everything under the sun so I can't replicate. I've called support and read the manual and it seems that all you need to do is turn them on when a dvd is playing...what am I missing?

Any help much appreciated.

05-07-08, 05:10 PM
Do you also have the screens in the headrests? In my Platinum edition, the headphones for the overhead screens work on seperate headphones from those for the screens in the headrests. I have not used the overhead screen, only the headrest screen. Each headrest has its own independent movie capability and the headphone must be put on the correct channel for each headrest. In the overhead screens, I think that you have to do something with the source input on the radio in order for the sound to go the headphones.

05-07-08, 05:33 PM
I have just the overhead. I will try the source input but I'm pretty sure I've tried that unsuccessfully. Thanks for your help.

05-09-08, 05:53 PM
Make sure the Dvd is playing, turn the headset swith to on and select either a o b on the headset. One is for movies and the other for music.

05-12-08, 07:57 PM
I am also having this problem. I have a 2008 Escalade Platinum and they only gave me 2 wireless headsets that seem to work for the front and overhead displays. Also, they gave me a remote but it only works for overhead display. Was I supposed to get another set of headsets for the rear seat dvd players as well as a remote too? How am I supposed to select like bonus features and selections on the seat dvd players? The only choices are the buttons which is power, source, play, stop and eject. This is crazy, even the dealership didn't know the answer.

09-11-08, 10:22 AM
After owning the car for 18 months, my kids were finally old enough to actually wear the headsets. Trying to use them was a nightmare, they kept going "out" while the kids were wearing them (4 years old). And, they must be the most uncomfortable headphones I've ever used (let alone try to fit on a 4-year old head!)

For now, I've just gone back to listening to the movie "Cars" for the 183rd time. I'd love to just buy my own headsets and use them. Has anyone found an easy way to do that?