: Motorwerks Cadillac, Barrington IL

05-07-08, 01:26 PM
I took my CTS in for service on Tuesday. I wanted them to look at the transmission. There was a little shudder on the 4-5 shift, and the tach needle was wavering at 1800 rpm in top gear. The left mirror was distorted a little, and my power lock switch broke. Kevin, the service writer, also said he would give the car a "once over."

I also wanted a transmission service, and differential fluid change. I didnt even have to point out the friction modifier for my limited slip diff, he brought it up before I could even mention it.

They did all the above. And went beyond. They replaced the torque converter, the diff pinion seals, (and something else I cannot recall.) They also discounted the transmission service price because some of it was changed with the TC under warranty.

They gave me a DTS as a loaner (nice car ) and treated me like a VIP. I was also chatting with Kevin about my CTS-V. He was very knowledgeable about the car. He was telling me about the TSBs out on the car (all of which I knew already, but kudos to him for bringing it up in the first place) and when I told him about the diff whine, and me possibly wanting to get the diff fluid changed, he said he could probably get it taken care of under warranty.

All in all, the best dealer experience of my life (and I have had ALOT of them over the years )

Anyone in the NW suburbs needing a Caddy dealer, you have to go to these guys. Top-notch.

Motor Werks Cadiilac of Barrington
206 N Cook St
Barrington IL 60010