: 1998 Eldorado

05-06-08, 02:23 PM
I installed a Pioneer radio & started having problems with the factory security system. After a couple of days, the keyless entry stops working & the horns/lights go off after starting the car. I have to pull the battery to reset. I used the Metra GMRC-03 module. I reinstalled the stock radio & the problem goes away. I called the Metra Tech support & they suggested running a constant (hot) +12 volts to the orange wire on the keyless entry. I reinstalled the Pioneer radio & ran the hot wire but this didn't work. Next step is to wire in the stock radio and relocate it in the trunk. Does anyone have any ideas to stop the alarm system from tripping?? These are the codes I get when the problem happens, some are from the battery reset:
PCM 603, IPC B1552, TCS 1255, PZM 1552/1558.

05-06-08, 07:48 PM
imho the best bet would be to kill the factory alarm via the dic overrides
thatll cure the problem till we figure it out

05-19-08, 05:27 PM
I looked in the Service manual but didn't see any dic override for the alarm as you mentioned. Do you know where I can program the override you mentioned? I am getting ready to do a factory radio remote install along with the new Pioneer radio just to satisfy the system. Did anyone come up with an alternative suggestion?