View Full Version : Any secret to 3rd seat for ESV & cargo mat advice

05-04-08, 11:55 PM
Ok Kids,
I just bought my 2005 ESV, because I needed the room for the DJ/Production company and I did not want to rock a cargo van. Without reading the manual completely, I am looking to you to find a way to completely remove the 3rd seat from the vehicle. I know it obviously leans/folds forward, but has anyone removed it from the vehicle? I really need the space.
Speaking of the space, I am looking for a hq cargo matt that covers the floor and the sides of the cargo area. I have found some floor covers, but I don't want the plastics on the back lower walls to get scuffed up if I can help it.
Thanks in advance for all your responses.

05-05-08, 12:22 AM
I've never really looked at the 3rd row on an ESV, but I would think its the same as the standard Lade. When the seats are folded upright, there should be a cross bar that goes across the attachment area, towards the bottom of the seat. Pull that towards you and it should release the locking mech for the seat. At the same time pull the seat back towards you and it should be released.


05-05-08, 08:13 AM
ZX gave the way the 3 rd row seats come out, thet is the first thing I do is remove the 3rd row seats and store them from trade or resale. I have had the same cargo mats in all my Escalade's and Suburban's. Weathertech


05-15-08, 08:33 PM
thx for the info guys! I am going to buy that mat that covers the 3rd seat area. I appreciate your insight and help.